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Are our inventions making us deaf?

The future of human invention will be quiet. In this blog post, we will explore how companies in the automotive and heavy equipment industries are using technology to make quieter, better products. …

Tighter timeframes, tougher requirements, less stress? The argument for 1D-3D co-simulation

In today’s environment of fast-paced change, engineers need to find ways to minimize development time and cost while maximizing performance and reliability. A combination of 1D-3D simulation techniques is one way to achieve this. …

Accelerate HiL development with VeriStand 2020 support

Simcenter Prescan, announces the release of version 2021.1 with new HiL development capabilities and the new OpenDRIVE exporter….

International Women’s Day – Caroline Veys

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we talk to Caroline Veys, Batchelor of Electromechanical Engineering….

International Women’s Day – Emanuela Troncone

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we talk to our Simcenter heroes. Meet Emanuela Troncone, Senior Application Support Engineer….

International Women’s Day – Anusha Gurrapu

“Why is she always asking me whether I want to marry an engineer or a doctor? Why can’t I be an engineer or a doctor?” Meet Anusha Garrupu!…

Something to celebrate! It’s International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 by meeting 5 fantastic women who are part of the Simcenter family….

International Women’s Day – Elspeth Mosedale

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we are chatting with a few of our female Simcenter heroes. Meet Elspeth Mosedale, STS Marketing Manager….

International Women’s Day – Amy Markham

To celebrate International Women’s Day, meet some of our Simcenter Heroes. Read more about Amy Markham, our talented intern….