Audi uses Simcenter to enhance the accuracy and speed of simulations for EV batteries

Learn why Audi partnered with Simcenter Engineering Services to improve correlation of test and simulation for EV batteries

Using AI to reduce the parameter optimization process for Genesis GV 80

Hyundai Motor Group uses AI to reduce the parameter optimization process from 1 week to 15 minutes

AI-powered shift left In the vehicle development process, it is advantageous for companies to shift left in the V-cycle as…

The city of the future is here: Micropolis Robotics

The city of the future is here, and Dubai’s Micropolis Robotics is at the forefront

Imagine a world where communities are safer, cleaner, more efficient, and more convenient for residents. In this world, a crime…

Revolutionizing space engineering: The OX Origin story with Siemens

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trek e-bike

This e-bike sounds five times more pleasant and nearly two times quieter… but how?

Learn how Simcenter helped Trek put sound quality on the e-bike metric map with award-winning Fuel EXe. Discover the full case study article here.


Formula One goes Down-Under this weekend

The second Formula One season with the new car design promises even more performance improvements… Well, it is almost April…

CETIM – using AI and Simulation to gain the advantage

CETIM is a research and study center that supports many industries in their current and future technological challenges. Read how AI and Simulation will play an increasingly important role.

InMotion's Revolution charging ahead

InMotion student team breaks records with 12-minute charging

Now that is something to celebrate… Today to celebrate the fifth UNESCO International Day of Education, we want to highlight…

You can(’t) leave your head on. Headless Horseman leverages Simcenter for more sustainable horror

How much greener can a Headless Horseman truly become without a fake pumpkin head? Aerodynamics CFD will reveal the answer