Can this little turbo-expander help save the planet?

A small British start-up uses cutting-edge engineering in air cycle refrigeration to improve engine efficiency…

SimRod Sound Quality

SimRod experience: Sound Quality for (H)EV

Watch and learn how the Sound Quality Engineering solution helps NVH engineers design irresistible brand sounds for hybrid and electrical vehicles….

Acoustic response of an ultrasonic parking sensor

Ray Acoustics Modeling: Exploring Performance in the Full Frequency Range

Ray Acoustics Modeling treats high frequency sound behavior as if it were a ray of light, which makes simulating acoustic performance in large environments feasible….

loudest cheer

What’s the loudest cheer? We used science to find out!

YouTuber Mark Rober uses science to find out the loudest way to cheer for your favorite team. Watch him use Simcenter SCADAS XS to measure the tests here….

Engineers commissioning a machine

Commission your machine before building a prototype

The commissioning task is more complex and riskier than ever before but our current way of commissioning is a 30-year-old legacy. Are there any cure in Industry 4.0? …

About vehicle dynamics and the 3 sides to every story

Vehicle handling defines the perceived quality of a car. But people‚Äôs perceptions differ. What if you can objectively quantify chassis design changes?…

snowboard with Simcenter SCADAS XS

Ski or snowboard? Which one’s scientifically more exciting?

How much is your ski or snowboard excited (literally) when going down the slopes? We answer this question with Simcenter Testing Solutions….

turbine blades

Digital gas turbine design: B&B-AGEMA’s virtual test rig

“We want to work out how it will work in the field, before it is in the field”…

Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim 2019.2: 3 new features explained

Last fall, we introduced the new version 2019.2 of Simcenter Amesim. Addressing the ever-changing needs…