From design exploration to design thinking in 100s of simulations

As we continue to evolve our “digital twin” assets, it might be helpful to ask,…

The E-race: experienced runners do not hurry and visualize the finish line

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Jet Engine Performance

Jet Engine Performance: Making Cleaner Skies the ‘New Normal’

One of the inadvertent effects of the current pandemic has been a drastic reduction in…

OD webinars testing communities

Free engineering on-demand webinars for testing communities

Find here a list of free on-demand webinars by Siemens Simcenter for test based engineering; sharing knowledge and expertise with the testing communities….

decisions in hours not weeks

Your next efficient ship design is closer than you think

Speed up your simulations, get better information and increased realism with our marine-focused tools….

The times they are a changin’

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Component-based transfer path analysis

Before you google ‘component-based transfer path analysis wiki’

Component-based transfer path analysis allows to leverage measured modular component models into full-vehicle noise predictions….

catalyst model calibration exhaust simulation

Can only experts in chemistry successfully set-up and tune a catalytic converter model?

How to easily set-up a physical catalyst model in 5 steps All vehicle OEMs have…

Ship system simulation: improve efficiency, optimize designs and streamline processes

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