When phone cases and screen protectors are not enough, count on vibration qualification testing

By Frank Demesmaeker

We’ve all been there – that scary moment when your heart stops after dropping your phone! Hoping that the protective case and screen cover did their job. Hoping that the inside electronics are not damaged and your phone still does the 101 things we use it for day in day out.

Jack was so proud to be the first iPhone 6 customer …

Just like your phone, any other electronics product needs to guarantee a robust product performance, while being able to survive regular and accidental use.

In order to certify and test this ability to survive those use cases, one can perform a laboratory vibration qualification test.

Typical setup for vibration qualification testing

Consisting of an electrodynamic shaker, controlled by a PC running Simcenter Testlab and connecting via our Simcenter SCADAS Mobile hardware, we guarantee a closed-loop and 100% safe vibration qualification test of the electronics inside your product.

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Also read our solution brief and watch a short video on the Simcenter solution for vibration qualification testing. Or discover how one of our customers – VIBMEC in Italy – tests and guarantees the quality and reliability of electronic products.

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