Automotive Testing Expo 2024

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Visit our booth on June 4-5-6 at Automotive Testing Expo 2024 to discover our solutions and transform your vehicle development and testing processes.

Efficient E-powertrain Measurement

Read a complete data acquisition workflow for analyzing e-powertrain operational measurements for NVH and e-efficiency with Simcenter solutions.

Automotive Testing International

Join us in Stuttgart! Automotive Testing Expo 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry experts, explore new technologies, and stay at the forefront of automotive testing innovation.

How to simplify your load data collection with Simcenter SCADAS RS

Learn about the flexible system access with the Simcenter SCADAS RS test data acquisition system and how to simplify your load data collection.

Measure the unmeasurable to greatly improve collaboration between testing and CAE

Introduction As test engineers we often find ourselves facing challenges that seem unavoidable when it comes to capturing accurate data….

How to embed Executable Digital Twins into Physical Testing in 4 steps

Embed the Executable Digital Twin into physical testing to calculate engineering performance KPIs and correlate predictions with real measurements.

The magic in electric vehicle road noise engineering

Find out more innovative methodologies for analyzing road noise in electric vehicles and addressing NVH issues using virtual assemblies.

Antwerp Cathedral and Christmas market 2023

Ring in the holiday season with the Simcenter Carillon Project

Ring in the holiday season with the Simcenter carillon project and explore how Simcenter can help create better-sounding bells and belfries

How can you ensure data validation on measured loads for your next electric car?

Learn how to achieve accurate data validation process on measured loads to extract the best out of vast amounts of data!