Join us in Stuttgart! Automotive Testing Expo 2024

By Keily SuarezRioja

Join Siemens at the Automotive Testing Expo 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Find us in Hall 10 – Booth #1310

Hosted annually in Stuttgart, Automotive Testing Expo is the world’s leading international expo covering every aspect of automotive testing. In Europe, it stands out as the paramount event for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and services.

The heart of the expo lies in its exhibitor hall, where over 400 companies from around the globe will showcase their latest products and services. Siemens, a leader in technology and innovation, will be among the exhibitors, ready to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions in automotive testing and validation.

The road toward zero prototypes

In the realm of automotive engineering, the pursuit of perfection often meets the constraints of time, resources, and evolving consumer demands. Physical prototypes, once the cornerstone of innovation, now pose challenges in terms of cost, time, and flexibility.

Siemens Simcenter Physical Testing is reshaping automotive engineering with a groundbreaking approach aimed at drastically reducing the number of physical prototypes. Traditionally, these prototypes have been expensive and time-intensive, constraining engineers’ ability to explore diverse design options. Siemens’ modular performance engineering strategy offers a solution by seamlessly integrating physical and virtual testing methods. This innovative approach not only reduces the reliance on prototypes but also fosters stronger collaboration between auto OEMs and their suppliers.

Join Siemens at the forefront of automotive innovation as we pave the way toward a future where physical prototypes are no longer the norm. Find our solutions at our booth (Hall 10 – Booth #1310) and talk with the experts. Attend our Tech Stage presentations during the expo to find out more about the journey to zero prototypes!

Watch this recap video of last year’s expo.

Tech stage

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the Tech Stage presentations!

This year’s Simcenter speaker is Ludo Gielen, an expert in the field who currently manages the Innovation and Incubations teams of the Simcenter Testing Solutions & Smart Vehicle Technologies group. He contributed to the development of advanced methods in transfer-path analysis, combined test-simulation model sub-structuring, executable digital twins, and model-based system testing.

Simcenter Testlab RT and XiL testing by Ludo Gielen

The use of a XiL approach (where the X stands for “anything” in-the-loop) speeds up sub-system functional performance validation in any prototype stage. Simcenter Testlab RT enables productive testing of physical systems in-the-loop on test rigs and simulators using Executable Digital Twins. It provides a performing and scalable software and hardware environment in which a physical component or system is under test, and the test bench connects to virtual representations of multiple operating environments. Using Simcenter Testlab RT, various test configurations are then configured and executed in hard real-time. Such XiL approach shifts the physical prototype component test program earlier in the development cycle.  

In this tech stage presentation, you will learn how to speed up sub-system functional performance testing and validation in a lab environment; how to have a faster turnaround and achieve more effective testing on XiL testrigs with Simcenter Testlab RT; the intuitive definition of real-time co-simulation configurations involving multiple simulation tools, connected to the physical test environment; and the value of synchronized physical and virtual sensors during XiL testing.

Register for Automotive Testing Expo 2024

Join us in Hall 10 – Booth #1310 from June 4th to June 6th, 2024, at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, for Automotive Testing Expo 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry experts, explore groundbreaking technologies, and stay at the forefront of automotive testing innovation.

For more information and to register, visit the Automotive Testing Expo website.

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