Set sail for your transformative journey into a green marine future

Earlier this year the International Maritime Organization (IMO) set ambitious targets for achieving a green marine industry and net-zero emissions…

Using AI and ChatGPT in simulation

Driving into the future: Exploring the integration of ChatGPT and AI in vehicle development

On November 30, 2022, ChatGPT was released to mixed response. To some, it marked a new era of AI –…

Using AI to reduce the parameter optimization process for Genesis GV 80

Hyundai Motor Group uses AI to reduce the parameter optimization process from 1 week to 15 minutes

AI-powered shift left In the vehicle development process, it is advantageous for companies to shift left in the V-cycle as…

Vintage punched card for computer data storage

From Punched Cards to ChatGPT: a brief history of Computer Aided Engineering

From punched cards to ChatGPT, brief history of the changing ways in which CAE engineers communicate with computers.

We advocate leveraging simulation in the very earliest stages of conceptual product design, and the Simcenter MBSE tools enable that through intuitive user experience and seamless up/downstream connections to your MBSE toolchain

Simcenter MBSE 2310 – a thing of beauty, and not just on the outside!

Simcenter MBSE 2310 empowers you to shift left with simulation, delivering an intuitive user experience with seamless integration with the rest of your MBSE toolchain. Read about the latest new features and enhancements to power up your MBSE workflows!

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) celebrates mission to the moon

The accomplishments of ISRO, which have instilled a sense of national pride, also fill Siemens with pride for our partnership. This partnership is founded on technological contributions, especially the superior technology of Simcenter simulation and test solutions. These have enabled ISRO to realize their ambitious goals and successfully carry out their present missions and pave the way for future endeavors.

Sustainable aviation: adding hydrogen propulsion to jet engine designs

In this blog, discover the engineering challenges of designing hydrogen-powered jet engines and how to address them.

Harness AI to discover better designs even faster!

What’s New in HEEDS 2310?

The Release of HEEDS 2310 brings upgraded and new technology designed to streamline and expedite your optimization and design space…

Physics based camera produced in Unreal

Extending Simcenter Prescan’s sensor quality for real-world scenarios simulation 

Simcenter Prescan 2311 brings simulations closer to real-world conditions by enhancing the quality and performance of the sensor simulation suite.