Integrated safety approach to tackle eVTOL crashworthiness

Find out how Simcenter Madymo and HEEDS help the National Institute of Aerospace Research (NIAR) to tackle eVTOL emergency landing certification challenges….

Happy World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day! To celebrate, I thought I would share a little marine industry story about how two engineers used some of our software to help design better performing moon pools….

Windmill FEA simulation in Femap 2021

Introducing Simcenter Femap 2021: The next evolution in our high-performance FEA simulation tool

The next evolution in Simcenter Femap is here! In case you missed it, we announced the launch of Simcenter Femap 2021 earlier today with a YouTube live premier. During this live event, we unveiled the many exciting new features and enhancements included in the latest release of our high-performance FEA simulation tool….

Renaud Meilleur

Realize LIVE – System Simulation in the Context of MBSE

System Simulation in support of MBSE – Learn how the Simulation Factory supports efficient processes to address complex challenges….

Democratization of Simulation

Realize LIVE – Democratization of Simulation

Join us at Realize LIVE + U2U 2021 as we dive into the topic of “Democratization of Simulation”. Register now. …

HPC on Cloud for CFD

High Performance Computing (HPC) on Cloud & Collaboration in CFD

Acquiring the services of a goby fish may not be very useful but there is 1 tool that Engineers can use to your advantage – cloud computing. …

Koen De Langhe

Realize LIVE – Combining Mechanical Design with Electrical Design & Electromagnetics

If you are interesting in combining mechanical, electrical and electromagnetics design, take a look at this theme’s agenda for Realize LIVE….

Warren Seeley

Realize LIVE – Getting to net carbon neutral

Join us at Realize LIVE to find out more about what we can do to help our industries to reach net carbon neutral….

Autonomous Systems

Realize LIVE – Autonomous Systems

Read about the Autonomous Systems theme at Realize LIVE 2021. Personalize your agenda with the extensive presentations available…