AI-driven MBSE can provide a brand new perspective on your engineering challenges

MBSE driven by AI – shake that design fixation!

Find out what design fixation is and how to escape it with generative engineering using AI driven MBSE…

Creepy fluid dynamics (CFD)

The war on cliche has just begun…in horror stories and disintegrated CAD and CAE (CFD) departments….

Nick with Chev

Meet the Team – Nicholas Amato

Take this opportunity to meet some of the Simcenter Team with this new series of Blogs. First up, Nicholas Amato, Engineering Services Manager….

Delivery drone noise

Drone noise: an inconvenient truth?

Drone noise can destroy a business with an estimated value of 33 billion dollars by 2030. Simcenter 3D Acoustics can help prevent this from happening. In this blog, we illustrate how….

Adjoint Function showing sensitivity of drag obtained from veicle aerodynamics CFD simulation

Adjoint shape optimization for improved car aerodynamics

A mathematician and an aerodynamicist go to Tokyo… Have I ever told you about the…

CAD preparation for CFD simulation… The even easier way!

Life as a CFD engineer in the world of CAD Remember the year 2008? Let…

10 insights from rocket CFD for a mind-blowing moonshot

This is your guide to a successful moonshot project – with 10 insights that only rocket CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) could deliver!…


Maya HTT: Top Tips on Electronics Cooling Using Simcenter 3D

Read this blog to find out how Maya HTT use the features in Simcenter 3D to meet their ever-increasing demands for electronics cooling….

St Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover art

CFD software development with a little help from my friends

Being engineers, our customers are great at spotting ways to improve products, including ours. With their inputs and suggestions, the task of designing and implementing enhancements becomes a lot easier. Guidance from the customer community has played a huge role in shaping Simcenter STAR-CCM+ into the product it is today and that process is set to continue on the Simcenter Community site….