Preventable Electric Motor Failure with Simcenter SPEED

Overloading a motor is a preventable failure that can be avoided with rapid electric machine design software such as Simcenter SPEED….

What would win in a race, Ice Cream or Apple Sauce?

What would win in a race? Ice Cream or Apple Sauce? The answer isn’t as easy as you would first think….

The shaded magnetic field plot of an EV type motor in Simcenter MAGNET 2020.1

Saving Your Permanent Magnets From Demagnetization

Electric machine permanent magnets may be susceptible to demagnetization. This can be prevented and safeguards may be placed during early design phases….

Simcenter Testlab, engineer software

What is Simcenter Testlab? And what can I use it for?

Learn about Simcenter Testlab software for data collection, analytics, and modeling, and watch the free on-demand webinar for even more insights….

New release of Simcenter 3D version 2020.2

What’s New in Simcenter 3D 2020.2

New Simcenter 3D Materials Engineering, an efficient vibration fatigue solver, improvements to the ray acoustics solver and many other enhancements to help you meet to meet complex engineer challenges…

Combustion CFD simulation for Siemens's SGT-100 gas turbine using adaptive mesh re

What’s New in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2?

With Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2 we deliver new capabilities and enhancements to help you deploy high-fidelity digital twins with ease….


Virtual Sensors accuracy improved by Test and Simulation

Learn how to use test and simulation software for model-based system testing (MBST) to optimize tests, have better models and more accurate virtual sensors….

join the simcenter early access program today

Why You Should Join The Simcenter 3D Early Access Program

The Simcenter 3D Early Access Program offers users a chance to help influence what the next release has in store….

You will never regret time spent blowing bubbles

If I tell you bubbles, what you would you say? Probably not post-processing CFD results,…