Windmill FEA simulation in Femap 2021

Introducing Simcenter Femap 2021: The next evolution in our high-performance FEA simulation tool

The next evolution in Simcenter Femap is here! In case you missed it, we announced the launch of Simcenter Femap 2021 earlier today with a YouTube live premier. During this live event, we unveiled the many exciting new features and enhancements included in the latest release of our high-performance FEA simulation tool….

Renaud Meilleur

Realize LIVE – System Simulation in the Context of MBSE

System Simulation in support of MBSE – Learn how the Simulation Factory supports efficient processes to address complex challenges….

Democratization of Simulation

Realize LIVE – Democratization of Simulation

Join us at Realize LIVE + U2U 2021 as we dive into the topic of “Democratization of Simulation”. Register now. …

Warren Seeley

Realize LIVE – Getting to net carbon neutral

Join us at Realize LIVE to find out more about what we can do to help our industries to reach net carbon neutral….

Simcenter at Realize LIVE

80+ on-demand sessions: customers and industry experts, discussing engineering challenges and solutions at our Simulation & Test Conference….

Simcenter themes

Realize LIVE ’21: SPDM – Enabling Collaboration Across the Digital Thread

Join us at Realize LIVE to find out why SPDM is a must for a successful implementation of MBSE and the Digital Twin…

The art of engineering light

Siemens Digital Industries Software achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) High Performance Computing Competency status with Simcenter STAR-CCM+…

May the (magnetic) Force be with you

One of the most interesting manifestations of magnetic phenomena is the motion that a magnetic field induces on some bodies and materials. This effect is used in several industrial applications, but are you able to compute it?…

Marketing & Engineering…a perfect match

We spend a considerable chunk of time at the office, bumping alongside people who we…