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Design with Calibre

Unraveling the 3DIC shift left strategy: Navigating the world of multi-dimensional ICs

By John Ferguson IC design’s evolution continues to push the boundaries of Moore’s law to new heights. One of the...

Thought Leadership

CES 2024: Reflections on what I saw, heard, and learned

The 2024 edition of CES wrapped up a couple weeks ago and I have been taking time to reflect on...

Semiconductor Packaging

Taking 2.5D/3D IC physical verification to the next level

Taking 2.5D/3D IC physical verification to the next level. As package designs continue to evolve, so must the verification requirements. Designers working on even the most complex multi-die, multi-chiplet stacked configurations require enhanced checking capabilities to quickly and easily verify that the physical die are placed correctly to ensure proper connectivity and electrical behavior.

Thought Leadership

How AI is optimizing factory maintenance transcript – Part 3

In a recent podcast, I spoke with Dr. James Loach, Head of Research for Senseye Predictive Maintenance, to learn more...

Additive Manufacturing Software

AMSIG Tech Session - February 21,2024

The recording of the February 21, 2024 AMSIG meeting is ready. In this session, Dennis Nier discusses printed manufacturing aids and robotic grippers.


The benefits of Product Cost Management in 4 minutes

Are you ready to increase your profit?

NX Design

NX Tips and Tricks | Documenting your surface treatments

In recent Tips & Tricks, we’ve shown you how to apply surface treatments to a part and access data about...

Electronics & Semiconductors

The Engineer's Guide to Sustainable Innovation: Balancing Cost and Carbon Footprint in Product Development

Consider this: a staggering 80% of a product’s total cost, as well as its carbon footprint, are established during the...


Join Opcenter customers and experts at Realize LIVE 2024 in Las Vegas!

Realize Live is around the corner, and you absolutely don’t want to miss out on this incredible event. Join us...