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Semiconductor Packaging

Package designers need assembly-level LVS for HDAP verification

While advanced integrated circuit (IC) packaging is a fast-growing market, comprehensive package verification still has a ways to go. Unique...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

The future of smart machines and smart industries – ep. 3

Today we conclude our special three-part podcast from Siemens Digital Industries Software investigating how software and automation technologies will combine...

Valor DFM Solutions

Strengthening PCB Solder Connections

To increasing the overall solder strength within a PCB design, designers should be focusing on two distinct but related factors: The material composition of the solder, and the pad and footprint layouts for individual components. The composition of the solder itself will depend upon the application of the board, the components, construction method and materials within the board, and the overall final board quality. The overall footprint of the component will be dependent upon the components within a BOM and the recommended assembly guidelines of your assemblers. Both of these factors rely on discussions and interactions with your assembly house and leaving these discussions until after the design has been released ultimately limits your assembly options.

Semiconductor Packaging

Achieving substrate supplier fabrication requirements: a designer's guide

Designing advanced package layouts with large areas of metal can be a daunting task, given the stringent requirements imposed by...


How end-of-line testing can automate product fault detection

In the automotive sector, end-of-line testing uses vibroacoustic measurements to automatically and objectively detect faulty parts in the production line....


Bringing together 3D CAD and system simulation, the key to an efficient digital thread

Utilizing 3D CAD models to model systems and systems-of-systems can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the product development...


What’s new in Opcenter Research Development and Laboratory 2310

Providing enhanced usability, formula development and regulatory roll ups for alternative BOMs We are excited to announce the availability of...


05. December: Santa is Hiding Unwanted Messages

In the festive glow of twinkling lights and holiday cheer, the team found themselves facing a dilemma – Polarion licenses...

Custom IC Verification

Bridging the gap between semiconductor IP providers and integrators

Note: To learn more about Solido Crosscheck’s QA exchange deck, check out the whitepaper This whitepaper discusses how the...