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What's new in Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Improve your product cost calculation with the automated analysis in the 3D viewer and extraction of additional geometry parameters.

Thought Leadership

Automotive Design Challenges and the power of MBSE

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) has become a hot topic in the automotive world, especially as the complexity and sophistication of...

Electronic Systems Design

The core of PCB design: physical layout

Studies have shown that a majority of design time is spent on placement and routing. That said, over the past...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Formula One Car Design with Bob Bell - Part 2

What happens to die hard fans that love roar of engines if F1 goes electric?  Hear this and more… Follow...


How the IFP-Drive library helps you exploring innovative powertrains?

One could say that system simulation’s purpose is to get relatively accurate results quickly with little efforts and few input...

Energy & Utilities

Saving the planet, one simulation at a time

Can a simulation save the planet? One simulation is not enough. But one simulation with that intent can inspire other...

Thought Leadership

How AI-generated 3D models will help train the next generation of AI

Visual data, be it 2D pictures or full 3D models, are unquestionably one of the cornerstones of artificial intelligence today...


How smart manufacturing helps solve EV production challenges

Siemens Digital Industries Software recently shared its insights on smart manufacturing for electric vehicle production with Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. The...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Analyzing the supply chain problems

COVID might have slowed down, but its impact on the engineering field is still being felt through continued supply chain...