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Thought Leadership

The Use of Synthetic Data in AI model Training - Transcript

I recently sat down with Zachi Mann to discuss how synthetic data is changing AI training, both in the factory...
Solid Edge

5 best practices for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Focus on the best practices for enhancing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with our latest eBook covering five industry tips to follow.
Thought Leadership

The application of Model-Based Systems Engineering – electrification in the automotive industry – ep. 8 Transcript

In this eighth episode of the Model-Based Matters podcast series, our experts discuss how electrification is the most significant trend...
Electronics & Semiconductors

How lot size one and other key trends in electronics manufacturing impact digitalization strategies

Siemens Digital Industry Software launched “The Voice of Smart Digital Manufacturing,” a 10-part podcast series. It’s dedicated to the industry...
Siemens Software Podcast Network

Arc Boats - Electrifying Sports Boating

Arc Boats Carbon emission from transport is a challenge that needs to be tackled from sea, land, and air. While...
Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

Combining system simulation and 3D CFD for haemodynamic modeling

Simulation is long established as a method for generating proof that a medical device meets a requirement. But simulation can be used in other ways as well.
NX Design

NX Render Talks Marine Industry | Part Five: NX VR for Design Review

Since the pandemic, we can all relate to the importance of collaborating with your team remotely and effectively. With NX...

Tired of tweaking and debugging your parts library? Try this!

Eighth blog in a 12-part series covering the Digital Twin Best Practices in Electronics Manufacturing mini-webinar series by Jay Gorajia...

What's new in Simcenter System Simulation solutions 2022.1

The Simcenter System Simulation release 2022.1 is here! It delivers the next developments to help you build a comprehensive digital...