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Electronic Systems Design

Revolutionizing PCB design through automation: insights from John Medina

In PCB design, the integration of automation into your design approach isn’t just a convenience; it’s a necessity that enhances...


Hyundai Motor Group uses AI to reduce the parameter optimization process from one week to 15 minutes

AI-powered shift left In the vehicle development process, it is advantageous for companies to shift left in the V-cycle as...

NX Design

Rendering Options | NX Tips and Tricks

Welcome back to another new installment in our Tips and Tricks series for NX™ software. If you are looking for...

Service Lifecycle Management

PLM and CRM together: How to boost service revenue and customer loyalty

Learn how combined PLM and CRM software help boost revenue and improve service efficiency.

Energy & Utilities

Demystifying Clean Energy: 6 Top Questions Answered for Energy & Equipment Manufacturing Companies

Our Energy and Utilities global strategy lead answers 6 critical clean-energy-related questions.

Thought Leadership

Building reliable ADAS and AV systems part 2 - Transcript

In this episode of the Future Car Podcast, Nand Kochhar and Gwen Van Vugt discuss the challenges of scaling automotive...

Thought Leadership

The future of smart machines and smart industries – ep. 1

Innovative technologies challenge machine builders daily, spurring them to consider which innovations will have the most significant impact on the...


From Punched Cards to ChatGPT: a brief history of Computer Aided Engineering

A brief history of how engineers communicate with computers, from punched cards to ChatGPT.

NX Design

What’s New in NX | June 2023 | Visualization

The June 2023 What’s New in NX series has followed the development of a new coffee machine from initial modeling...