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📈 Profitable pricing made easy

We've developed a powerful tool—the pricing calculator for quotations, a module within Teamcenter Product Cost Management. This innovative solution is designed to streamline pricing calculations and maintaining synchronization with cost estimations.

NX Design

What's new in NX | Visualization

Welcome to the final what’s new installment for the June 2023 release of NX software. It’s been a pleasure to...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Student Innovations at Siemens Design Hack

In June 2023, Siemens hosted the Realize LIVE flagship event in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the first time ever, the...

Academic and Startups

Podcast transcript: Student innovations at Siemens Design Hack

Earlier this year, Siemens held the Sustainability Design Hack at Realize Live 2023 to address sustainability challenges and encourage college...

Solid Edge

Solid Edge ranks No. 1 for CAM software in G2 Winter 2023 Report

Solid Edge from Siemens continues to solidify its market-leading position in the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software industry, earning top rankings across 32 different categories in the Winter 2023 report from G2, the world’s largest and most trusted online software review source.


06. December: Santa is Using Polarion Collections

Santa and his team of elves are extremely busy throughout the entire year getting ready for the upcoming Christmas season....

Semiconductor Packaging

Package designers need assembly-level LVS for HDAP verification

While advanced integrated circuit (IC) packaging is a fast-growing market, comprehensive package verification still has a ways to go. Unique...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

The future of smart machines and smart industries – ep. 3

Today we conclude our special three-part podcast from Siemens Digital Industries Software investigating how software and automation technologies will combine...

Valor DFM Solutions

Strengthening PCB Solder Connections

To increasing the overall solder strength within a PCB design, designers should be focusing on two distinct but related factors: The material composition of the solder, and the pad and footprint layouts for individual components. The composition of the solder itself will depend upon the application of the board, the components, construction method and materials within the board, and the overall final board quality. The overall footprint of the component will be dependent upon the components within a BOM and the recommended assembly guidelines of your assemblers. Both of these factors rely on discussions and interactions with your assembly house and leaving these discussions until after the design has been released ultimately limits your assembly options.