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The application of Model-Based Systems Engineering – SysML provides an MBSE component for verification and mass adoption – ep. 11

In the last episode, we discussed the tools that an engineer or system architects might use in their day-to-day operations,...

Thought Leadership

MBSE allows the A&D industry to soar

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) has enormous potential to help companies across different industries adapt their development processes for the shorter...

Verification Horizons

Part 6: The 2022 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study

FPGA Language and Library Trends This blog is a continuation of a series of blogs related to the 2022 Wilson Research...


Creative minds can achieve great results

It takes 22 students, 7 tasks, 14 Siemens mentors from 10 different research and innovation departments and a great org...


4 steps to predict road noise – a project with Hyundai Motor Group

Road noise has become the dominant noise source in electric vehicles, but predicting it is notoriously difficult. Simcenter and Hyundai Motor Group took a new approach to virtual NVH development. Using MBSE, they could assess road noise across a range of driving conditions and vehicle variants at each stage of development.

Design with Calibre

TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum 2022 all wrapped up, but not gone yet...

By Calibre Design Staff 1500+ attendees! 50 technical papers (30 live, 20 online) in three separate tracks! Standing room only...


How place-and-route with intrinsic intelligence solves advanced node challenges

Aprisa place-and-route with intrinsic intelligence is a unique tool for advanced node designs. Easy to adopt, out-of-the-box best PPA, and flexible, Aprisa is the right tool to fit into any digital flow.


Mold design software isn't a carton of milk

Across the world, tooling companies are making a tough choice: to continue designing molds the way they are now or...


Sustaira ESG platform in Xcelerator Marketplace

This summer, Siemens introduced the Xcelerator Marketplace to facilitate interactions and transactions between customers, partners and developers. Featured in the...