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Aerospace & Defense

Aircraft design – Part 2: Leveraging a multidisciplinary digital twin

In part one of our blog series on a multidisciplinary approach to aircraft design, we discussed the importance of establishing...

NX Design

Realize LIVE blog series: Natilus | Visualize at scale with immersive engineering

In the rapidly evolving world of aviation, disruption and innovation are key to differentiating yourself from the competition. One company...


Reimagining excellence: the latest in automotive manufacturing in Japan

Hear from Siemens Senior Technical Product Manager about the latest in automotive manufacturing and how digital manufacturing is playing a pivotal role in transforming manufacturing processes. Long-time users of Process Simulate realize the enhanced value offered by Siemens newest cloud-based solution, Process Simulate Collaborate, an application for visualizing and analyzing factory production lines with ease.


Reaching for the stars: Top ten insights from Tom Stoumbos on space exploration

Recently, on the Engineer Innovation podcast, Tom Stoumbos, Director of Engineering at Northrop Grumman, shared his insights on why space exploration is both difficult and exhilarating.


How Entropy made my house untidy

I am writing this blog in a messy office, in a messy house. But of course, none of this is my fault. As any competent engineer will tell you, the blame rests squarely with entropy.

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Ep 5 - The Digital Future of the Heavy Equipment and Off-Highway Industry with Hendrik Lange Part 2

Welcome to the Industry Forward Podcast with Dale Tutt! Join Dale Tutt, Vice President of Industry Strategy at Siemens Digital...


🎯Start fast with PLM: Teamcenter X Essentials

Teamcenter X Essentials helps companies of all sizes start fast with PLM.

Thought Leadership

Addressing new challenges with IT/OT convergence

Digitalization creates new paths of opportunity for companies as they strive to tackle labor shortages, rising operational costs, and many...


Optimizing aircraft communication network design

The increasing complexity of aircraft communication network design and electrification in modern aircraft places greater demands on engineering teams. Traditional...