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Electronic Systems Design

How to answer five common questions about power module current density

Power module current density is an important factor in determining the efficiency and performance of power modules. It can vary...


Podcast transcript: The impact of changing technology on academia

We often talk about bridging the gap between industry and academia, but how can we ensure a successful collaboration between...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Designing For Speed using NX CAD

Building an efficient and fast car starts in the design phase. That is why companies make tremendous investments in building...


What PLM software outperformed 97 others?

G2 just named Teamcenter Best PLM software for companies of any size - based on customer reviews. Take a look at the PLM software comparison grid to see the top ranking for Teamcenter.


A Cambodian Industry 4.0 Talent - Interview

Siemens is supporting Cambodia’s education to train and certify hundreds of students each year from secondary to higher education levels...


Join us at the Aprisa Digital IC Implementation track during the 2023 User2User symposium

Learn about Aprisa Digital IC Implementation from real users at the 2023 User2User symposium.

Employee Spotlight

Al Zeitoun

Imagine you’re talking to a senior operations colleague with a kitchen sink of credentials – an engineering Ph.D. fluent in...

Aerospace & Defense

Exciting trends in eVTOL development

Learn about exciting trends in eVTOL development and solutions for engineers to design new and improved eVTOL aircraft for the future.


The Inflowencers - Heroes of Fluid Mechanics

18th of March, 1822. Paris. France. At 37 years old, he walked into L’Académie Royale des Sciences de L’Institut de Franceon,...