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Thought Leadership

Talking Aerospace Today – AI in Aerospace Part Two - Summary

The Talking Aerospace Today Podcast continues exploring the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in the context of...


Simcenter MBSE 2310 – a thing of beauty, and not just on the outside!

Simcenter MBSE 2310 empowers you to shift left with simulation, delivering an intuitive user experience with seamless integration with the rest of your MBSE toolchain. Read about the latest new features and enhancements to power up your MBSE workflows!

Tessent Solutions

RISC-V | Solving bus and software deadlock problems in complex SoCs

Tessent Embedded Analytics offers an integrated range of hardware and software tools that accelerate debug of RISC-V based SoCs.


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) celebrates mission to the moon

The accomplishments of ISRO, which have instilled a sense of national pride, also fill Siemens with pride for our partnership. This partnership is founded on technological contributions, especially the superior technology of Simcenter simulation and test solutions. These have enabled ISRO to realize their ambitious goals and successfully carry out their present missions and pave the way for future endeavors.


Sustainable aviation: adding hydrogen propulsion to jet engine designs

In this blog, discover the engineering challenges of designing hydrogen-powered jet engines and how to address them.


What's New in HEEDS 2310?

The Release of HEEDS 2310 brings upgraded and new technology designed to streamline and expedite your optimization and design space...

NX Manufacturing

EV component manufacturing - part 1

In this series, we look at a practical application of the digital machine shop in the efficient development of high performance, low weight component parts that will be used on our Siemens e-Rod technology demonstrator.

Thought Leadership

Applying AI to industry part 2

AI is poised to take a larger role in industry helping everywhere from the shop floor to the drafting table,...

Zel X

Zel X holiday savings: How to find the best deals on contract and part manufacturing software this Cyber Monday

Start your digital transformation journey with Zel X to automate collaboration, mechanical design, simulation, manufacturing, and shop operations. Learn how you can save big with special discounts this year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.