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Simcenter Testlab 2206: Virtual Prototype Assembly (VPA)

With Simcenter Testlab VPA, Test and Simulation engineers can quickly explore the performance of several assemblies without the need for a physical prototype. This allows for design updates in the early phases of the development cycle.


Lessons from the racetrack: what we can learn from engineers working in an agile team

Think about the need to create a highly-customized product with a lot size of one, subject to strict rules and...

NX Manufacturing

Video Interview with Automation World: The Closed-Loop Digital Environment at IMTS 2022 

Attending IMTS 2022 was bigger and better than ever before. Watch the video interview with industry-leading publication, Automation World, about our closed-loop digital environment booth experience.

Solid Edge

Startup Spotlight: Klaus Space Transportation delivers sustainability to space travel

Meet Klaus Space Transportation: the only company in the world offering sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to safely return cargo and rockets from space.

Xcelerator Academy

Growing Your Knowledge and Skills with Xcelerator Academy Labs

Xcelerator Academy is excited to announce the release of Xcelerator Academy Labs. This offer provides a cloud-based virtual environment for...


Cheaper, Faster, Better: Why Simulation-driven design is essential for electronic engineering

Simulation-driven design - here's the low down on why Electronic Engineers need to know all about it. Start here ...


3 things to know about IT/OT convergence (including what it is and why it matters)

Not only are products increasing in their complexity, but so are the methods in which they are manufactured. It’s no...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Robots - Enhancing Our Security - Part 2

Robocops, a viable solution for our security future Follow us on: iTunes Google Podcasts Spotify Stitcher TuneIn RSS Some robots,...

Thought Leadership

Go beyond printing smart, to smart printers

Additive manufacturing (AM) has so many amazing technologies and processes that have expanded the usability, reliability, and viability of printing...