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Digital Logistics

Going digital for a competitive retail supply chain

How is it possible to ensure that goods are available at the point of sale when they’re needed despite unforeseeable...


Customer Success evolution: from reactive engagement to strategic partnership 

Customer Success has morphed from a little-known customer service activity into a critical business strategy for fostering loyalty and driving...

Electronic Systems Design

Fundamentals of library and design data management

When it comes to electronic systems design, I’m often asked what a robust library and design data management system should...

Academic and Startups

Real-life educational experiences in the virtual world with Siemens’ digital twins 

Incorporating practical, real-world experiences in the classroom is one of the most challenging yet necessary initiatives for engineering educators.  A...

Digital Logistics

Digital transformation in industrial machinery: for a well-oiled supply chain

Digital logistics solutions have become indispensable in the manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment Manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Advancing corrosion analysis in aerospace

In this episode, we look at the critical role of corrosion analysis in industry innovation with Alan Rose, CEO of Corrdesa LLC. Explore the complexities of simulating corrosion processes and how these techniques are paving the way for safer and more efficient engineering practices across sectors.

Electronics & Semiconductors

Bridging the gaps in electronic systems design Blog series | Accelerating mechanical and electrical design - Part 2

Bridging the gaps in electronic systems design Blog series | Accelerating mechanical and electrical design - Part 2

AWS Partnership

How Siemens, NVIDIA and AWS are accelerating digital transformation making the industrial metaverse a living, breathing reality

The term “metaverse” conjures up all kinds of images and meanings. For a lot of people, it’s a virtual experience...

Digital Logistics

Powerful medicine against supply chain bottlenecks and price pressures

The stress afflicting the healthcare industry didn’t just start with the pandemic. Bottlenecks in the supply chain for raw materials...