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Electronic Systems Design

PCB design best practices: FPGA/PCB co-design

The next best practice in the model-based systems engineering pillar is FPGA/PCB co-design and optimization. What is FPGA/PCB co-design? FPGA/PCB...

Thought Leadership

Cloud-based Advanced Machine Engineering is digitalizing next generation machines

In an article, Rahul Garg, VP for Industrial Machinery & SMB Programs at Siemens Digital Industries Software, discusses the...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

The Changing Face of Mobility and Our Future in Space

Space exploration is a fascinating topic for many people. You might have imagined yourself traveling across the stars, visiting different...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Executable Digital Twins: A Smartwatch for Machines

This edition of the Engineer Innovation Podcast is about the engineering challenges involved in designing Forcebit a device that aims to make measurements on rotary drive systems as fast and easy as putting on a smartwatch.


Free app to cut down on coffee (segments)

Read all about the caffeine-free Simcenter Testlab Event Marker app, a free Android app for your Simcenter SCADAS XS in the latest 2306 release!

Thought Leadership

IT/OT convergence: Balancing agility and reliability

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have long played pivotal roles in organizations, yet their functions and focuses have...


Extend digital efficiencies across the supply chain

Welcome to the first of a series of four blogs about extending digital efficiencies across the supply chain. By implementing modern digital manufacturing software, production facilities have made great strides to increase throughput, decrease operational expenses and add to net profits.


Transformation to SaaS – Building a financial and operational strategy for transformation

In our first blog on partner SaaS transformation, we discussed the need for change and realistic ways to make it...

Thought Leadership

Marine STS – Integrating Simulation into Sustainable Ship Design – Summary

The Marine Industry Podcast Series continues its exploration of the role of STS in the marine industry, guided by Jan...