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Valor DFM Solutions

What’s New in Valor NPI 2305

Valor NPI has recently been updated with version 2305. Included within are many of the revisions and feature updates for this latest version of the software


The evolution of MES systems and the significance of selecting the ideal technology partner for a successful digital transformation journey.

Currently, the focus in discrete manufacturing is shifting towards creating experience ecosystems that place the emphasis on delivering new digital...

Electronic Systems Design

PADS Professional Premium DFM: harnessing DFM for a better and faster NPI

PADS Professional Premium DFM is a new solution that brings world-class, comprehensive Design for Manufacture (DFM) analysis directly into your...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Sustainability and a Digitalization Strategy - ep. 2

Hi there and thanks for tuning in again! I am Conor Peick, a writer on the Thought Leadership team at...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Mario Andretti | Rapid Fire | Future Car Podcast

Welcome to yet another brand new series, Don’t worry, this is all still a part of the Future Car Podcast;...


How do cloud applications advance sustainability?

Podcast #2 in our new series with I-Connect007: Sustainability in Electronics Manufacturing Our latest podcast episode features Susan Kayesar, PCBflow...

Consumer Products & Retail

Streamlining production in the consumer packaged goods industry: The power of Enterprise Recipe Management

In the fast-paced world of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, staying ahead of the competition requires efficient production processes...


How virtual commissioning has redefined automation’s customer/supplier relationship

“We assume that when we go on-site to commission a new production system, we’ll need to spend weeks tinkering with...

Thought Leadership

Building Ships Sustainably with Digital Transformation - Transcript

In the second episode of the Marine Industry Podcast Series, Jan van Os and Dale Tutt continue their introduction into...