Qsources: Q-MED frequency response curve applied to acoustic FRF

Let`s have a look at the calibration factsheet provided with each calibration service of the…

What would win in a race, Ice Cream or Apple Sauce?

What would win in a race? Ice Cream or Apple Sauce? The answer isn’t as easy as you would first think….

The shaded magnetic field plot of an EV type motor in Simcenter MAGNET 2020.1

Saving Your Permanent Magnets From Demagnetization

Electric machine permanent magnets may be susceptible to demagnetization. This can be prevented and safeguards may be placed during early design phases….

Cold crucible induction melting

Melting a metal without it touching the crucible walls, is like melting butter without it touching the bowl!…

You will never regret time spent blowing bubbles

If I tell you bubbles, what you would you say? Probably not post-processing CFD results,…

Can this little turbo-expander help save the planet?

A small British start-up uses cutting-edge engineering in air cycle refrigeration to improve engine efficiency…

Electromagnetic analysis of busbars - Instantaneous Current Density Plot

Busbars Save The Day! And Your Favorite Electronic Devices Too

Busbars are often a critical component in power applications, however only with an electromagnetic analysis of busbars can you get the complete EMC/EMI picture…

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You have questions about Simcenter system simulation solutions and you don’t know where to get answers?…

Improving Hysteresis and Eddy Losses in Electric Machines

The prediction of iron losses is an important aspect of improving the overall efficiency of electric machines….