MBST: the marriage of Test and Simulation – part 1

Read about Simcetner Testlab’s MBST and how it makes processes more efficient, avoiding errors made during data transfer or post-processing. (Part 1)…

Liquid film – Adding Realism to in-cylinder CFD simulations

2020 will go down in history as a record-breaking year. Personally, I was looking forward…


Sneak preview: Electromagnetic simulation as an energy resource…but not how you might think.

A red-carpet premiere video about electromagnetic simulation Everyone seems to be blogging about Back to…

The 2019 Simcenter Conference Europe was held in Amsterdam

Digital Twins and Digitalization are trending this event season.

Just because events like REALIZE Live Europe are digital destinations this year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the dates blocked in your agenda. REALIZE Live Europe is going online November 3-4, 2020.


End-to-end durability for Automotive

Simcenter engineers put their end-to-end durability solution to the test. Read a step-by-step account of a test campaign for automotive….

A car features a Simcenter SCAPTOR in the trunk for collection of ADAS sensor data on a busy street.

Why is ADAS sensor data collection crucial to the development of self-driving cars?

Discover the new Simcenter SCAPTOR and learn why ADAS sensor data collection is critical to…

Integrated safety systems development – Faster and easier

As Autonomous Driving (AD) continues to push the outer envelope in technological advances it increases…

Thermal anaysis Simcenter

Assess the thermal comfort in a city bus with a multi-zone modeling approach

Let’s see how the last version of Simcenter Amesim Embedded CFD can help you through…

Cloud computing and CFD

Cloud computing and CFD – The more you core, the less it’s a chore

This is as much a story of cloud computing in CFD as it’s about selling…