Liquid film – Adding Realism to in-cylinder CFD simulations

2020 will go down in history as a record-breaking year. Personally, I was looking forward…

Industrial robotic arms

When robot control gets difficult

Robot control brings many problems. Learn how combined testing solutions help design better, faster, and more accurate robots today….


Sneak preview: Electromagnetic simulation as an energy resource…but not how you might think.

A red-carpet premiere video about electromagnetic simulation Everyone seems to be blogging about Back to…

Robotic systems – exploit the physical limits

This blog shows an engineering toolchain based on simulation to bring robotic systems to their physical limits, while ensuring durability and safe operation….

Tackle robotics engineering challenges efficiently

Believe it or not. The robotics industry is taking the manufacturing economies by storm. All…

Cloud computing and CFD

Cloud computing and CFD – The more you core, the less it’s a chore

This is as much a story of cloud computing in CFD as it’s about selling…

Giving a voice to Simcenter towards the heavy equipment market

Learn how simulation and test can transition you to faster and more efficient heavy equipment design… just like I did over the past year….

V8 on my mind

Memories of a n ICE guy

Diesel is just not a proper propulsion system at all, downsizing is a crime, and anyways, no direct injection engine is a real engine, it has to be naturally aspirated…or do I recall that wrong?…

[Webinar] Make your heavy equipment machine stronger and sounds better

Increasing the test efficiency of your machine’s durability and NVH performance using a single platform…