The legendary A-Team of system simulation

By Romain Nicolas and Chiel Verhoeven

Remember the A-Team? The iconic 1980s TV show that followed a group of ex-military commandos using their unique skills to solve problems as fugitives? Believe it or not, there’s an unexpected connection between the A-Team and system simulation. Not only has the A-team been an internal nickname for the colleagues working on Simcenter Amesim, in this blog we’ll explain why both A-teams help you get out of the most challenging scenarios and we’ll explore the link between the A-Team and Simcenter Amesim.

We’ll also explore specific ways how Simcenter Amesim could have been instrumental in the A-Team’s ingenious plans, and how this software helps engineers today achieve similar feats (without the explosions, of course).

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them,
maybe you can hire the A-team.

A-team tune

The iconic GMC Vandura

The A-Team used to move around with a GMC Vandura which quickly became a pop culture icon. And if the A-team would still operate today, it would probably have replaced the Vandura with a 9mm rounds bulletproof Tesla Cybertruck. While the Simcenter Amesim vehicle database doesn’t feature both vehicles yet, it includes many different vehicles that the GMC can be compared to (Lucid Air, Tesla 3, Volkswagen ID4, …). Anyways, below we compare The Vandura and the Cybertruck from a range point of view. The comparison is made over a drive from Santa Clarita, CA, USA to Santa Barbara, CA, USA using the Simcenter Amesim route planning tool.

Murdock going heavy

In the episode 14, season 1, Murdock destroys a gas station using a Caterpillar 930 and concludes by the punchline “you forgot to check the oil”. Well, could this be because he ran a Simcenter Amesim analysis and identified excessive pressure in the power hydraulics circuit?!

But there is more to it. In episode 8, season 3, the team restores and prepares an old Sherman tank for attacking Vescari’s men. Looking at the scene and how many rounds are shot without killing anybody, we bet Murdock didn’t use Simcenter Amesim to get target aiming control system ready for the turret.

Sea mission, a good fit for Simcenter Amesim and the A-Team

While the A-Team primarily operated on land and rarely faced full-fledged sea missions, they did encounter situations requiring them to navigate water-based challenges. In several episodes they had to hijack or commandeer boats: This was a recurring theme, with the team taking control of boats ranging from small speedboats to larger vessels depending on the situation. And this exactly mirrors Simcenter Amesim capabilities for the marine industry, being able to simulate small waterjet boats or very large cruise careers running on dual fuel engines.

Hannibal A-team thumbs up

If it has wings, he can fly it

Many episodes of the A-team feature a Beechcraft C18S which our heroes find themselves use to escape a tricky situation. But what if, instead of Hollywood magic, the A-Team had relied on Simcenter Amesim to ensure their escape plan went smoothly?

By modeling a fictional fuel-cell Beechcraft Denali in Simcenter Amesim, the A-Team could have virtually tested its potential performance, tweaking factors like motors power, H2 fuel consumption, and even weather conditions to optimize their flight plan for a successful escape. While the A-Team relied on their guts and ingenuity, engineers today use Simcenter Amesim to achieve similar feats, minus the mid-air daring and explosions, of course.

However, Murdock’s favorite means of transportation is the helicopter, which tends to upset B.A. Baracus and his famous fear of flying. Again, they could have relied on Simcenter Amesim to make sure they can effectively and quickly reach remote locations or escape from danger zones. But they let it to Airbus Helicopters to secure the chopper before doing crazy things. Check how the helicopter manufacturer used Simcenter Amesim to minimize time and costs for certifying airworthiness:

And for all rotorcraft lovers, there might be an interesting feature coming in Simcenter Amesim 2404, so stay tuned!

Simcenter Amesim got your back

In conclusion, Simcenter Amesim’s capability to simulate any type of vehicle, as the A-team demonstrated here, underscores its versatility and precision in engineering simulations. From armored vans to helicopters, the software accommodates a wide range of vehicle types and configurations, empowering engineers to iterate and refine designs with ease. Its multidisciplinary approach enables holistic simulations that capture the interplay between various subsystems. Just as the A-Team’s expertise spanned diverse disciplines, Simcenter Amesim stands as a formidable ally for engineers seeking technical solutions.

As Hannibal would say:

I love it when a plan comes together

How to find the A-team?

Now you’ve read this blog you probably want to know: how can I find the A-team, or could I even join the A-team? Well yes of course! You can find the A-team by following Stephane ‘Hannibal’ Neyrat, Stéphane ‘Howling mad’ Mouvand, Lionel ‘B.A. Baracus’ Broglia and Romain ‘Face’ Nicolas on Linkedin and stay informed about their missions.

Want to join the A-team yourself? A great start is to try out Simcenter Amesim and see how you can take up the toughest challenges. Sign up for the online trial and start your journey in becoming the next member of the A-team!

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