No sweat, and master the art of cabin comfort with 3D-CFD in system simulations and control development

Introduction Ensuring thermal cabin comfort and safety inside vehicle and aircraft cabins is a crucial aspect of modern development, significantly…

The moon, with a launching platform and other necessary infrastructure to help further explore our own solar system.

Reaching for the stars: Top ten insights from Tom Stoumbos on space exploration

Recently, on the Engineer Innovation podcast, Tom Stoumbos, Director of Engineering at Northrop Grumman, shared his insights on why space exploration is both difficult and exhilarating.

Hydrogen usage with Simcenter System Simulation: Mobility and stationary applications – Part 3

This blog post is the Part 3 of a blog series for addressing the industrial Hydrogen challenges with Simcenter System Simulation

Why Simcenter System Simulation is key for Hydrogen – Part 1

Part 1 of a blog series for highlighting how to predict and optimize the Hydrogen system performances with multi-physics and scalable digital twins thanks to Simcenter System Simulation

microturbine in Simcenter 3D

“Say your prayers” or get a rotor dynamics simulation engineer – how simulation ensures engines can survive vibrations

Failure of a rotor blade results in large vibration throughout the airplane, but the plane lands safety. How do rotor dynamics engineers make engines that are able to survive these vibrations? and how do the updates in Simcenter 2406 help?

Masterclass on DFAN - Spacecraft testing

Rock and roll with confidence: a recap of Siemens’ recent direct field acoustic noise (DFAN) masterclass

Read this blog to get a recap of the 2024 DFAN Masterclass held by Siemens. Participants experienced live demonstrations of direct field acoustic noise testing on a PROBA-V satellite model and gained experience from hands-on sessions with industry experts.

Durability: Isambard’s great quest to predict loads for a strength & fatigue analysis

Simcenter 3D Durability with Smart Virtual Sensing! Measure what physical sensors can’t, analyze safety factors, and use digital twins to predict future failure

1 Blue-Bleu by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet) Courtesy of ESA

Romanian space startup OX Origin can count on Simcenter and other Siemens Xcelerator tools thanks to the Siemens Startup Program

Scrolling through LinkedIn one evening, Ilie Ciobanu saw a post fly by for the Siemens Startup Program, part of the…

Simulation for aircraft RAMS

Transforming RAMS Engineering in the Aviation Industry: A Mission-Driven Approach

Read this blog to learn how by prioritizing RAMS engineering, aircraft can achieve high reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety levels, ensuring a successful and sustainable operation lifecycle throughout the aviation industry.