Electromagnetic simulations as part of your design process, that’s EMAG-nificent

Electromagnetics (EMAG) and electrical engineers are at home with streamlined EMAG Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) packages, like Simcenter SPEED, Simcenter…

Embeddable BCI-ROM Reduced order thermal models for 3D CFD electronics cooling simulation | Package thermal modeling Simcenter Flotherm

Embeddable BCI-ROM Technology: reduced order thermal models for 3D CFD electronics cooling simulation

Learn how reduced order thermal models for 3D CFD electronics cooling simulation help the electronics thermal management supply chain – new Embeddable BCI-ROM technology in Simcenter Flotherm software is now available

When phone cases and screen protectors are not enough, count on vibration qualification testing

We’ve all been there – that scary moment when your heart stops after dropping your phone! Hoping that the protective…

Shock response: Designing for the full spectrum

What is a Shock Response? The shock Response is a very short duration transient phenomenon that can result in parts…

Illustration of power generation

Electromagnetic motors are the world’s biggest energy consumers

It’s an energy conversion problem. Energy conversion has been a common human practice since the first human hit two rocks…

Concentrated beam array

Antenna arrays and how to improve your signal.

Antenna arrays, you can find these everywhere from space missions to cell phones. Subsequently, antenna arrays are commonly located in…

The future of thermal design: Simcenter Flotherm BCI-ROM reduced order models in VHDL-AMS format enable accurate electrothermal circuit simulation modeling in the electronics thermal design supply chain

The future of thermal design – earlier electrothermal analysis

Learn about the future of thermal design using electrothermal circuit simulation accuracy enhanced using BCI-ROM reduced order thermal models generated from 3D thermal analysis in Simcenter Flotherm.

ECXML file format - electronics thermal model (JEDEC JEP181 guideline) & Simcenter Flotherm

What STEP was for CAD, ECXML is for electronics thermal simulation

‘Electronics Cooling eXtensible Markup Language’ (ECXML) is a neutral file format intended to facilitate the provision of thermal models from…

Electrothermal analysis aided by VHDL-AMS thermal netlist from Simcenter Flotherm

Electrothermal circuit simulation enabled by VHDL-AMS thermal netlists

Using circuit simulation software without incorporating electrothermal analysis to account for temperature effects and heat dissipation is a pretty big…