New in Simcenter Femap 2022.2: Next-generation cloud collaboration with Siemens Xcelerator Share

By Anthony Johnson

Complex problems require effective collaboration. Cloud-based software can remove hurdles standing in the way of finding a solution. You can now instantly, securely, and easily collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers with Siemens’ next-generation, cloud-based collaboration solution, Siemens Xcelerator Share – now available in Simcenter Femap 2022.

Siemens Xcelerator Share and Simcenter Femap offer a wide range of collaboration features. Share’s rich set of capabilities addresses your cloud collaboration needs by providing teams with secure, central storage with optional data management tools. It also enables ad-hoc collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, thanks to easy email address-based project and file sharing.

New capabilities enabled by Siemens Xcelerator Share and Simcenter Femap include:

  • Secure cloud storage
  • Desktop file syncing
  • Permission-based project sharing
  • Task management
  • Engineering-centric view + markup
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Messaging and notifications
  • Any-device, instant-on access

Transformative benefit of Simcenter Femap XaaS subscription

Siemens Xcelerator Share is the first cloud component of our new Siemens Xcelerator as a Service (or XaaS) subscriptions. So what are “XaaS” subscriptions?

Diagram showing the differences between Simcenter Femap and Simcenter Femap XaaS
Simcenter Femap vs. Simcenter Femap XaaS subscription

Siemens and its customers are facilitating digital transformation with Siemens Xcelerator as a Service. We’ve expanded Siemens Xcelerator to include the transformative capabilities provided by the cloud, further enhancing collaboration and cross-domain capabilities, with new functionality being added over time. Simcenter Femap XaaS delivers everything that our customers already know and love about Simcenter Femap, with the benefits of cloud services through a XaaS subscription option – making Siemens Xcelerator more accessible, flexible, and scalable than ever before.

Xcelerator Share is not a replacement of our standalone Simcenter Femap product. It’s simply an opportunity to take advantage of new cloud collaboration functionality through a flexible subscription.

See Siemens Xcelerator Share and Simcenter Femap in action

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