snowboard with Simcenter SCADAS XS

Ski or snowboard? Which one’s scientifically more exciting?

How much is your ski or snowboard excited (literally) when going down the slopes? We answer this question with Simcenter Testing Solutions….

turbine blades

Digital gas turbine design: B&B-AGEMA’s virtual test rig

“We want to work out how it will work in the field, before it is in the field”…

Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim 2019.2: 3 new features explained

Last fall, we introduced the new version 2019.2 of Simcenter Amesim. Addressing the ever-changing needs…

Praga racing cars: Full speed towards top interior sound quality

Have you ever found yourself watching Formula 1 race on Sunday afternoon? Trilling, isn’t it….

Great User Experience: Why people choose Simcenter Flotherm

Not that it isn’t the most fully-featured electronics cooling CFD on the market, with a…

Simcenter Conference: the Rise of the Digital Twin

The Simcenter Conference kicked off this morning to a crowded hall of over 500 engineers,…

Thermal Design: Whose job is it anyway?

For a first blog on all things electronics cooling I thought I’d pose the question….

Wärtsilä create a digital twin using Simcenter

Wärtsilä’s digital twin for fuel-efficient propulsion.

One company leading the way in the use of the digital twin is Wärtsilä propulsion….

Doosan – Improving the energy efficiency of excavators

I promised in my previous post that there would be customers interview coming soon… Well here’s the first one of many!
Right before kick-off of the Simcenter Conference, we made a trip to ……