Revolutionizing space engineering: The OX Origin story with Siemens

By Susann Kunz

In the vast expanse of space, there are pioneers on a relentless quest to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and push the boundaries of human exploration. One such pioneer is OX Origin, a Romanian startup with a singular mission: to propel humankind towards the stars. Founded by visionaries Alex Bugnar and Ilie Ciobanu, OX Origin is not just another player in the aerospace industry; it’s a revolutionary force redefining how we approach space systems and software engineering.

Breaking Boundaries in Space Technology

OX Origin’s founders are on a mission to bridge the gap between conventional space technology and cutting-edge design and engineering practices. Co-founder Ilie Ciobanu notes, “The tools being used in the space industry are falling behind when it comes to design and engineering technology. Not in the technology they produce, but the technology that’s being used, especially the software tools that tend to be older than the latest state-of-the-art software.”

Ciobanu keenly observes that the challenge lies not in the quality of the technology created but in the tools used to manage these projects. He believes that the industry’s reluctance to embrace the latest technology is holding back progress, and this is precisely what OX Origin aims to change.

OX Origin Co-founders Alex Bugnar (left) and Ilie Ciobanu (right). (Image: OX Origin.)

The Visionaries Behind OX Origin

The journey of OX Origin began when Bugnar and Ciobanu crossed paths during their early professional careers in Oxford, United Kingdom, inspiring the name “OX Origin.” Their qualifications and areas of expertise make them a dynamic duo:

  • Alex Bugnar holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Ultra Precision Technologies and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Telecommunications Engineering. He specializes in software engineering at OX Origin.
  • Ilie Ciobanu possesses a BSc in Astronautics Engineering and an MSc in Space Technology, focusing on the design and consulting aspects of their business.

Their collaboration and complementary skills were the catalysts for founding OX Origin in 2020. Beyond personal chemistry, they saw an opportunity to help and educate fellow space industry professionals.

In Pursuit of the Stars: StarLeap and MARS

While OX Origin’s overarching mission is ambitious, they are actively developing solutions to realize it. One such solution is StarLeap, an enterprise web-based platform designed to manage the end-to-end design process of complex space systems. Additionally, they offer MARS, a solution designed to assist mechanical engineers in verifying bolted joints and ensuring associated safety margins through bolt static analysis.

With Simcenter, OX Origin can better predict product behavior by testing out various design alternatives and choosing the best design iteration possible. (Image: OX Origin.)

In addition to their proprietary solutions, OX Origin harnesses the power of Siemens software solutions in their projects:

  • NX for design
  • Simcenter for simulation
  • Nastran for computations
  • Teamcenter Share for collaboration

Ilie Ciobanu, the primary software user, shares his perspective, stating, “Compared to other solutions on the market, I feel Siemens’ is the most connected.”

He highlights the seamless integration between NX and Simcenter, allowing for extensive design analysis. This compatibility enables OX Origin to explore various configurations, assess mechanical, thermal, and static performance, and select the best design to meet client requirements.

Collaboration Made Effortless with Teamcenter Share

With Teamcenter Share, OX Origin effortlessly collaborates with clients across the globe. This cloud-based platform facilitates the secure sharing of files, models, and simulation results. Permissions can be assigned to ensure data security. Clients can then actively participate in processing, modeling, and simulating the data while providing feedback and desired adjustments.

Beyond collaboration, Teamcenter Share serves as a central hub for storing and managing data and streamlining client tasks and activities. According to Ciobanu, “It makes life easier and helps us manage the tasks and activities of the clients we work with.”

With Teamcenter Share, OX Origin can easily collaborate with their partners from all over the world and store and manage data. (Image: OX Origin.)

Empowering the Future of Space

Looking ahead, OX Origin is committed to empowering startups within the space industry. Their immediate focus is on equipping emerging companies with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive. They encourage others to take advantage of resources like Siemens’ Solid Edge for Startups programs.

OX Origin’s journey is not just about its success; it’s about lifting the entire space industry to new heights. Their dedication to innovation, collaboration, and Siemens’ advanced software solutions is propelling them closer to their goal of enabling humankind to reach for the stars.

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