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Femap 11.1 Preview – Geometry Modeling Enhancements

Femap 11.1 Preview – Geometry Modeling Enhancements

For now we’ll take a look at some of the geometry modeling enhancements that you’ll see with the release of Femap 11.1 very soon.


Femap Tips and Tricks: Mesh Splitting

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to split an existing mesh and have that split propagate through the model maintaining proper element connectivity. In this video we’ll see how you can achieve that in…

Introducing NX 9


Learn more about NX 9 for Simulation

Using 3DSync for Geometry Simplification and Edits

I usually write for CAD users, so writing for folks who lean more toward the analyst side and who consider CAD to be a secondary skill is a bit new but bear with me. I’m at least still writing about …

NX CAE Practical Applications Webinar

NX CAE Practical Applications Webinar

Live webinar series held the 3rd Thursday of every other month
Each webinar will be comprised of 3 sections:

A technical presentation showcasing an in-depth “How To” exampl…

NX9 Preview – Automatic Morph

In NX9, you can use the Automatic Morph command to have NX try to automatically morph an existing mesh to conform to modified CAD geometry. During this process, NX tries…

NX Webinar – Modern CAE Environment for the Automotive Industry

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to run simulation processes at speeds up to 100 times faster than the manual processes found in traditional CAE tools. They will discover how to co-simulate m…

Femap Tips & Tricks: Solid Mesh with Beam Elements

Structures like reinforced concrete where steel rebar in encased in solid concrete can be represented by 1-D rod or beam elements for the rebar inside solid 3-D tet-elements for the concrete. When se…

Combating Today’s Simulation Complexity (e-book)

Propagating change and  tracking a configuration.  These concepts don’t just apply  to Bills of Materials or CAD  Models. They are just as  important, perhaps even more&n…