NX CAE Tips & Tricks Webinar – Mixed Element / Hybrid FEM workflows

By Ganesh Sethuraman

Hybrid_image.pngHi there,

Coming up this Thursday, March 27th at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific is the latest in our regular series of NX CAE webinars.

This time around we’ll discuss advanced workflows and process associated with the construction of mixed element/hybrid finite element models.

It can sometimes be tricky to create models with, for example, tet & hex elements and making sure the elements all line up. Often times the area of interest might need a very structured mesh and other areas less so. In situations like this it is necessary to do hybrid modeling to ensure accuracy and reduce element count. Want to know more?

Then why don’t you check out this webinar where you’ll learn more about:

  • manual meshing,

  • hybrid modeling (mixed element types) connections

  • manual manipulation of models.

March 27th CAE Tips & Trick Webinar

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