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New dynamic mount stiffness characterization – Why get excited about it?

Discover our colleague’s new toy! A test rig for dynamic mount stiffness characterization, and see how Simcenter Testlab is used for NVH measurement processing.

An engineer analyzing measurement data from a physical test using Simcenter Testlab Neo 2306

What’s New in Simcenter Testlab 2306

Explore the latest innovations for multi-physics testing in the release of Simcenter Testlab 2306, engineered for efficient product development.

See you at SNAME Maritime Convention 2023?

Join us at SNAME 2023 conference as Simcenter presents a paper on CFD with system dynamics for consideration of submarine design variations.

Safer than wind? The truth about nuclear power

Just how safe is nuclear energy compared with other power sources? The answer might surprise you.

Data-Metadata-is-goldSimcenter Testlab 2306 consistent annotation

Data is silver, data & metadata is gold: consistent descriptive annotation in Simcenter Testlab 2306

Discover consistent descriptive annotation in the latest release of Simcenter Testlab 2306, and make the best of the contextual information of data.

Free app to cut down on coffee (segments)

Read all about the caffeine-free Simcenter Testlab Event Marker app, a free Android app for your Simcenter SCADAS XS in the latest 2306 release!

Arm, Start, Report – your NVH test results on a count of 3

Learn about what’s new in Simcenter Testlab Neo 2306 for operational NVH testing with a practical example using beautiful Waltz music! 1,2,3…1,2,3…

Frontload Noise and Vibration challenges with System NVH Prediction in Simcenter Testlab 2306

Discover an indispensable process that is transforming the approach to noise and vibration issues in their designs: System NVH Prediction in Simcenter Testlab 2306.

Cars crossing a bridge in high temperatures

HVAC systems – creating your comfort zone

Summer 2023 was the hottest summer on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Find out how to design energy-efficient HVAC systems for improved passenger thermal comfort – also in extreme climes.