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Improving Hysteresis and Eddy Losses in Electric Machines

The prediction of iron losses is an important aspect of improving the overall efficiency of electric machines….

STAR-CD/es-ice/DARS 2020.1 Released

The latest release of STAR-CD/es-ice/DARS, version 2020.1, is now available for download from our customer…

Meet Siemens at NAFEMS CAASE20

Throughout the year, engineers at Siemens work with our customers and partners to deliver improved, more robust simulation software that will help users deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence. We are looking forward to sharing these new technologies with you at CAASE20….

Assessing composite variability’s impact on performance with virtual testing

Statistics impact our world One of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes is: “God does not…

Acoustic response of an ultrasonic parking sensor

Ray Acoustics Modeling: Exploring Performance in the Full Frequency Range

Ray Acoustics Modeling treats high frequency sound behavior as if it were a ray of light, which makes simulating acoustic performance in large environments feasible….

Pedestrian safety systems improvement using the latest TB024 dummy models

Pedestrian safety systems design Have you ever noticed that the engines of modern cars have…

The Chengdu Multi-attribute Balancing lab will help design teams build their electric vehicles early in the design process and boost performance

Chengdu: Multi-attribute balancing for better electric vehicles

This is how the Multi-attribute Balancing lab at the Chengdu engineering center will help design teams build their electric vehicles early on and boost performance….

Webinar optimizing vessel propulsion power using system simulation

Not too little, not too much – how to optimize your propulsion power

Ships are the backbone of the global transport network. Ensuring their efficiency is vital, both now and in the future. How can system simulation optimize vessel propulsion power and ensure fuel efficiency?…

Touch Temperature – Part 2: Coefficient of Thermal Spreading

A coefficient of thermal spreading and the psychology of hot spots, explained with the help of Simcenter Flotherm applied to handheld electronics and smartphones…