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Enjoy tuning your simulations? LOOK AWAY!

We live in the day of automatic. It seems like every day there is a…

Aero-engine sub-component design with the Mechanical Digital Twin

Challenges in Aero-engine engineering Aero-engines are complex machinery, largely because they experience deformations, include moving…

About chassis and the 3 sides to every story

Vehicle handling defines the perceived quality of a car. But people’s perceptions differ. What if you can objectively quantify chassis design changes?…

snowboard with Simcenter SCADAS XS

Ski or snowboard? Which one’s scientifically more exciting?

How much is your ski or snowboard excited (literally) when going down the slopes? We answer this question with Simcenter Testing Solutions….


Rotating systems – Tune your intuition

Rotating systems can be tricky. Learn more in this blog…

Electric vehicle warning sounds for pedestrians and bikers in quieter traffic soundscapes.

AVAS: electric vehicle warning sounds

In part 1 of this blog post series we saw that in 2019, Pass-by Noise…

The 2020 Geneva International Motor Show is cancelled. But don’t worry — just like Simcenter — there is a digital twin!

As some of you know, I am a big fan of the Geneva International Motor…

high-channel count

Aerospace: High Channel-count dynamic measurements

Dynamic measurements with hundreds ofacquisition channels (high channel-count) can be performed efficiently with Siemens Simcenter Testing Solutions….


SimRod experience: Synthesize vibration profiles and create accelerated shaker tests

Nowadays, all test engineers are forced to execute their testing activities in shorter time since…