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Delorean aerodynamics - A Back to the Future tribute

Delorean Aerodynamics – A Back to the Future tribute

Could the Delorean really fly? How bad was it’s aerodynamics? In honour of Back to the Future day, we answer with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software from Siemens….

Flow based Toplogy Optimization in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.3

Topology optimization – CFD creating designs like nature

It’s this time of the year that I get to go away with my family…

Robotic systems – exploit the physical limits

This blog shows an engineering toolchain based on simulation to bring robotic systems to their physical limits, while ensuring durability and safe operation….

The 2019 Simcenter Conference Europe was held in Amsterdam

Digital Twins and Digitalization are trending this event season.

Just because events like REALIZE Live Europe are digital destinations this year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the dates blocked in your agenda. REALIZE Live Europe is going online November 3-4, 2020.


End-to-end durability for Automotive

Simcenter engineers put their end-to-end durability solution to the test. Read a step-by-step account of a test campaign for automotive….

A car features a Simcenter SCAPTOR in the trunk for collection of ADAS sensor data on a busy street.

Why is ADAS sensor data collection crucial to the development of self-driving cars?

Discover the new Simcenter SCAPTOR and learn why ADAS sensor data collection is critical to…

The Signal and the Noise: Lessons for the Simulation Community from Failed US Presidential Election Prediction

What lessons can engineers can learn from the failure of political election prediction? How can those lessons be applied to the Digital Twin?…

Simulation testing learning engineering education

Future-ready: simulation and testing as part of a core engineering education

Leveraging simulation and testing fundamentals with knowledge of real industrial challenges…

Tackle robotics engineering challenges efficiently

Believe it or not. The robotics industry is taking the manufacturing economies by storm. All…