LMS Samtech Tea Pipe embedded in NX 9

By AllisonFassin

CAE-based design of flexible hoses/pipes in NX platform.

Designing flexible hoses, pipes or cables is a challenging task for designers and engineers and, if not performed correctly, can lead to expensive product recalls. LMS Samtech Tea Pipe from Siemens PLM Software is now available within NX environment.This enables designers and engineers to simulate mounting problems, collisions, ovalization and buckling in the hoses before committing to expensive prototypes.

Main_Tea_Pipe.jpgRigid and flexible hoses have to be correctly designed in order to avoid failures and vehicles call backs. Up-front, nonlinear computer simulation provides the necessary engineering insight and allows submitting the virtual pipe model to various loadings: pressure, temperature and dynamic excitations. Torsion free designs can be obtained rapidly based on virtual prototype.

Additionally, since some of these pipes are located close to hot components, they cannot enter into contact with them during normal operation of the pipes and the sub-systems they are mounted in. On other circumstances, sliding contact may be authorized and is included in the simulation model.

Furthermore, pipes may also vibrate due to their natural eigen frequencies or due to an external excitation, which might lead to loose connections or even leakage of the fluid in the pipe. This tool provides an environment to account for all such vibrations and improve the end design.

tea-pipe.jpgAdvanced solver capabilities embedded within software includes:

Quasi-static solving technology allowing to:

   – find the best position of intermediate supports,

   – monitor and reduce reaction efforts,

   – keep the bending radius within a given limit to avoid fatigue,

   – reduce or avoid torsion in the pipe,

   – ensure clearance with moving or fixed parts.

  Capability to look at dynamic behavior in the frequency domain.

LMS Samtech Tea Pipe enables pipes designer and analyst engineers to:
  compute and visualize the eigen modes taking into account stressed mounted configuration,
  evaluate effect of ageing on mode shapes,
  visualize harmonic response in terms of deformation and overstress.
  take into account nonlinear characteristics in their design:

   – study the effects of inertia and damping,

   – analyze the effects of thermal dependent material.

The LMS Samtech Tea Pipe product is available either as standalone product or as a tool embedded in your NX 9 installation. A seamless transfer of results from NX Motion allows computing the motion of the sub-system in which the pipe is mounted, followed by a simulation of the pipe deformation itself. As such, a complete environment is provided, integrating the pipe and hosing simulations into your CAE-based design processes.

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