Developing a Novel Trailing-Edge Flap Mechanism with Simcenter 3D

The aviation industry is living its golden age with record passenger traffic and tremendous growth – air traffic is expected to be doubled in the next 15 to 20 years! However, this positive outlook c…

How the aviation industry is soaring into a new and sustainable era

By Maurizio Parodi, Vice President – Siemens Industries Software
What a few days it has been here so far at ‘Le Bourget’ 2019, the focal point of the global aviation industry this week…

It’s happening today: the future of aviation is here

By Thierry Olbrechts, Director Aerospace Industry Solutions, Simcenter Simulation and Testing solutions
We have lift-off! Yesterday saw the launch of the 53rd edition of the Paris Inte…

Aircraft cabin comfort is important – and we know it!

 Cabin Comfort Engineering – On-Demand Webinar
Imagine you just finished a week of hard work on a travel to Istanbul and you are finally heading back home. You enter…

EASA: trends in aircraft certification regulations

Learn about trends in aircraft certification regulationscand physical testing for verification from EASA expert, Elena Garcia Sanchez.

Spacecraft testing: safe and sound into space

Simcenter Environmental Testing Satellite Launch
A blog post on acoustic testing of satellites might be more interesting if I give you some background first. If you are thinking to build…

Wind tunnel testing and new aircraft configurations

Learn about aircraft aeroacoustics and efficient wind tunnel testing for new aircraft configurations and join the on-demand webinar.

Aircraft Testing: Flutter tests, GVT, acoustics tests… Need help?

Aircraft Testing? Join our series of Simcenter on-demand webinars by industry experts, where we answered testing questions.

The 3D shaker is used to perform multi-axis vibration testing

Why perform multi-axis vibration testing?

Multi-axis vibration qualification testing: why bother? Why is this last step in a product development process an important one? And why do renowned universities like the University of Ferrara spend …