How to reduce aircraft carrier deck noise? Get inspired by the U.S. Navy

To reduce aircraft carrier deck noise, understanding the root cause is essential. Learn more how to analyze noise sources and acoustic energy flows.

Assess aircraft fuel system in operations

[TECH TIPS VIDEO] – Assess aircraft fuel system in operations with Simcenter Amesim
In the context of the launch of LMS Imagine.Lab 15, we’ve created a set of “how to” movies, aiming at i…

The incredible shrinking time-to-market of Airbus Helicopter

It is always amazing to watch development times shrink. What used to take years in the automotive industry now takes months and companies like Apple with their hyperspeed innovation and highly succes…

Understanding helicopter cabin noise

Understanding helicopter cabin noise with a simple acoustic image

To decrease the helicopter cabin noise levels with more controlled approach, sound source localization technique offers a comprehensive solution.

New Horizons Spacecraft Pluto Flyby

New Horizons Spacecraft Pluto Flyby

 The New Horizons spacecraft was in the news recently after flying past Pluto and beaming back some amazing images. Designed by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for the NASA m…

Designing more electric aircraft with Simcenter Amesim

To meet stringent certification rules, the aerospace industry must reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs. In this context, a new trend has appeared: engineers are working on the replacement o…

Talking vibration and acoustics in the Aerospace Industry

Interviewing Raphael Hallez, Business Development Manager for Aerospace and Defense at Siemens SW Software on vibration and acoustics.