How to Design a Heat Sink for Additive Manufacturing

Learn how to create a unique heat sink designed for additive manufacturing, and see how 3D printing allows engineers more creative freedom….

Xcelerator Technology Innovation Awards

Shoutout to Students: Win €1000!

Win €1000 gift card in local currency: nominate your student project(s) in the Young Minds for Innovative Design category by 31st October!…

How real-world experience with Simcenter and Formula Student racing teams helped two former students land that first job

It’s been quite the year. And as universities around the world hand out diplomas, we thought we’d wrap up a year of inspirational Simcenter for Academia blogging with some advice straight from the source: recent graduates….

teaching testing basics educational world

The absolute relevance of teaching testing basics in the world of simulation

We can’t let the next generation forget about the importance of testing.. learn more…

CAE 3D simulation teaching

Teaching CAE 3D simulation with Simcenter

From South Dakota to New Delhi to Xiangyang, China to Leuven, Belgium Advice and ideas on teaching 3D CAE simulation with Simcenter

Hanyang University student team improved vehicle aerodynamics to excel in Korean SAE Competitions

Competing against 117 teams universities nationwide, the Simcenter-supported student engineering team, excelled at the Korean SAE competition. …

Engineering students learning about simulation and testing at MTU

Engineering in practice at Michigan Technological University

Professors at Michigan Tech create a ‘hands-on’ simulation and testing curriculum based on Simcenter for engineering students …

Exploring system simulation in the academic world Simcenter

How Simcenter system simulation is deployed in the academic world

Learn from your peers how are the latest engineering developments taught in the academic world with a special focus on system simulation?…

Future engineer education

Gil Morris: How crucial is the education of future engineers for the industry?

Why testing and simulation should be part of universities’ programs for future engineers education? In part…