CAE 3D simulation teaching

Teaching CAE 3D simulation with Simcenter

From South Dakota to New Delhi to Xiangyang, China to Leuven, Belgium Advice and ideas on teaching 3D CAE simulation with Simcenter

Hanyang University student team improved vehicle aerodynamics to excel in Korean SAE Competitions

Competing against 117 teams universities nationwide, the Simcenter-supported student engineering team, excelled at the Korean SAE competition.

Engineering students learning about simulation and testing at MTU

Engineering in practice at Michigan Technological University

Professors at Michigan Tech create a ‘hands-on’ simulation and testing curriculum based on Simcenter for engineering students

Exploring system simulation in the academic world Simcenter

How Simcenter system simulation is deployed in the academic world

Learn from your peers how are the latest engineering developments taught in the academic world with a special focus on system simulation?

Future engineer education

Gil Morris: How crucial is the education of future engineers for the industry?

Why testing and simulation should be part of universities’ programs for future engineers education? In part two of the Simcenter for…

leaning smiulation testing engineer

Jan Leuridan’s vision about educating the next engineers’ generation with testing and simulation

Discover with Jan Leuridan why testing and simulation should be part of universities’ programs for future engineers education?

Female mine official supervises work

How sound source localization helps save miners’ hearing

Read about how the University of Pretoria helped save miners’ hearing in South Africa with Simcenter Sound Camera sound source localization. Read the case study.

Simulation testing learning engineering education

Future-ready: simulation and testing as part of a core engineering education

Leveraging simulation and testing fundamentals with knowledge of real industrial challenges

Simcenter Academia future generation

The future for the next generation of engineers is…VUCA

In that first series of Simcenter for Academia article learn about what does the future really hold for the new generation of engineers