Are heat pipes any good for my CPU?

When researching improved heat sink design to cool a CPU in a model I am developing, a common theme I…

Using Simcenter Motorsolve

6 Things YNTK About Simcenter MAGNET & Motorsolve 2020.1

Improvements in demagnetization predictions, simulation of bus bars and loss exports for thermal analysis.

May the (magnetic) Force be with you

One of the most interesting manifestations of magnetic phenomena is the motion that a magnetic field induces on some bodies and materials. This effect is used in several industrial applications, but are you able to compute it?

The times they are a changin’

Learn more about semiconductor thermal characterization and lifetime testing to understand the way to component level reliability.

Creating a CPU from scratch

CPU created in Simcenter Flotherm Package Creator The most important component within a computer is the CPU. So when it…

PC cooling: CPU cooler CFD simulation

Is my PC too hot?

Well, it depends on how you are using the PC. I’m Baptista De Noronha, and this is my new PC….

Sound Camera

What’s that noise? Simcenter Sound Camera 2019.1

“That noise? Yes, I hear it and I can measure it, but where is it coming from?” Have you ever…

Thermal Design: Whose job is it anyway?

For a first blog on all things electronics cooling I thought I’d pose the question. If there’s time at the…

Localize noise issues: the magic of acoustic cameras

Can you localize sound sources with your bare ears? Try it and you might find the exercise trickier than you thought. You’ll probably be able to say whether the sound comes from the left or righ…