Monolithic scaling limitations drive the growth of 2.5/3D multi-chiplet, heterogeneous integration that enables PPA targets to be met. Our integrated flow addresses prototyping challenges to signoff for FOWLP, 2.5/3D IC, and other emerging integration technologies.

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Engineer seated at computer studying physical prototype for early planning of interconnect systems and design verification workflows

Importance of early planning for interconnect verification in 3D IC physical design workflows

In our last podcast on 3D IC architecture workflows, we discussed how a system or microarchitectures determine how to partition…

The five keys to next-generation IC packaging design: Part 2

Multi-domain integration enables faster time to market for complex advanced semiconductor packages with a seamless integration of design and verification.

3D IC design engineer using gloved hands to inspect and verify components

Front-end architectural verification considerations for 3D IC design

So far in our 3D IC blog series, we’ve discussed efforts to create chiplet ecosystems, design workflow changes needed to…

what's new in Xpedition IC Packaging

What’s new in Xpedition Advanced IC Packaging release VX.2.12

The Xpedition high density advanced packaging solution it is made up of two core products, Xpedition Substrate Integrator (xSI) which…

The Five Keys to Next-Generation IC Packaging Design: Part 1

Part 1: An advanced IC packaging design and verification solution For many applications, next generation IC packaging is the best…

3D IC verification requires a golden netlist that allows exceptions

With current 3D IC packaging technologies, since the system-level netlist (the 3D IC design intent) drives system-level LVS verification, designers…

Megatrends of advanced IC packaging solutions 

Over last 2-3 years, everyone has been talking about Moore’s “Law” becoming invalid. Even if it does, we will continue…

IESF 2022

Learn about heterogeneous integration of semiconductors for autonomous driving, electric vehicle, and ADAS systems at the IESF 2022 automotive conference

IESF Automotive began 22 years ago and has been a must-attend event for automotive E/E design experts and executives throughout…

Evolution of 3D IC Architecture and the impact to design flows

Evolution of 3D IC Architecture and the impact to design flows

In our last blog about 3D IC, we discussed the models chiplet vendors need to provide System-in-Package (SiP) integrators to…