Find CAD models directly in Solid Edge® 2021

How much time do you spend searching for models? Searching for CAD models just got easier! Now you can find…

Integrating multiphysics simulation into 3D product design workflows

At times I feel a kinship to Brad Pitts’s character in the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, who…

Picture of Lion Electric school bus

Cool contributions from Maya HTT in Engineer Innovation magazine

Smart Expert partner, Maya HTT, showcases their expertise in Engineer Innovation magazine.

How special ARE you? The value of specialization

The value of specialization cannot be overrated. Expertise contributes to creating and delivering unique value to customers and is vital for building business viability

Design capabilities that deliver across industries

Smart Expert Solution Partner, CADEX Technologies in Taiwan, knows very well what its customers need when it comes to improving…

Software and Technology Partner

Introducing Software and Technology Partner -Wolf Star Technologies

Learning from mistakes – The invention of True-Load load reconstruction One of the most challenging tasks for an analyst is…

ERP for manufacturers – a reality check

7 things ERP will never do effectively for manufacturers

Why partner with a partner?

The power of partnership enables businesses to go further faster, together.