Uncorked: The force needed to pull a cork

If you’re an engineer like me, you cannot truly relax with a bottle of wine until you know the load…

A computer screen representing design automation and CAD customization, overlayed with gear cogs meshing, along with Siemens and Monarch Innovation logos.

Design automation and CAD customization deliver enhanced flexibility

Technology is evolving every day, and the whole world is becoming digital. The concept of digital design automation and customization…

A 3D CAD cutaway of the inside of a jigsaw designed in Solid Edge software leveraging a custom plugin.

Build a Solid Edge plugin in 5 steps

Siemens 3D CAD software Solid Edge allows developers to extend its functionality by creating plugins. These plugins offer customized features,…

Chalkboard with the word Brand written on it

4 tips for capitalizing on your brand

As a partner owner, how do you build your company’s brand? While many B2B companies agree that brand marketing is…

A man and woman in a modern office setting high five in celebration of an achievement. S&T partners can work with traditional channel partners to win more deals.

Boost your business by engaging S&T partners

If you’re a partner selling and supporting Siemens Xcelerator products, you need to look closely at what our Software and…

illuminated stick person icon in lineup of non-illuminated stick people

How to find a partner – the right partner

Be specific in your description and search to find the right partner.

gears connected with execution written on cog

MDF Success | Good planning reaps great results

Leveraging and optimizing market development funds is a win-win.

How do you develop a complex production line without a single database?

Connect people and processes across functional silos with a digital thread

commercial jet taking off

How compliant are your fastener libraries with industry standards?

Companies demand industry-standards and industry-standard parts are no exception. Industry-standard parts are required in aerospace, automotive, and marine industries, among…