Colorful simulated airflow displayed on a rendering of a Corvette in Simcenter.

Siemens and NVIDIA the most dynamic duo since Batman and Robin

It’s no secret that innovative business strategies as well as collaborative engineering and development teams on both sides made up…

AI in manufacturing is represented by a man in a factory holding a laptop to monitor automobile production.

AI in manufacturing – everything you need to know

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform and revolutionize the manufacturing sector. The ostensible…

A factory floor of robotic machines is shown from an overhead view.

How virtual commissioning has redefined automation’s customer/supplier relationship

“We assume that when we go on-site to commission a new production system, we’ll need to spend weeks tinkering with…

Portcast dashboard showing port status worldwide

How Portcast and Siemens Digital Logistics create resilient, transparent supply chains

Siemens Digital Logistics and Portcast, a global leader in real-time ocean visibility, partner to enable resilient and transparent supply chains…

Photo of multi-colored toy building blocks, representing the building-block approach offered in a flexible low-code approach to Sustainability and ESG.

Low-code building block approach to sustainability and ESG

Today in Sustainability and ESG, we are navigating an ever-changing and uncertain landscape. For organizations trying to meet new regulations…

A man looks intently at a futuristic digital screen. TCS helps companies realize a digital future, leveraging Siemens Xcelerator products.

Multidiscipline development requires a multidiscipline partner

Product complexity continues to swell, with no sign of slowing down. Manufacturers must harness this complexity to create a competitive…

MedXD logo with the slogan "Medtech Meets Digital"

Medtech meets digital at IVD conference

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and medical technology product manufacturers, notified bodies, industry associations and standardization organizations will meet at MEDXD on…

man touching digital screen of checkmark in a circle

Where are you in your digitalization efforts?

Six out of ten medium-sized companies in Germany aim to make progress in digitization, according to a 2021 bitkom survey….

digitalized image of interior vehicle seat

Design the perfect vehicle interior the first time

When it comes to the interior design of vehicles, aircraft, or yachts, OEMs expect the highest level of perfection for…