How Portcast and Siemens Digital Logistics create resilient, transparent supply chains

By Magdalina Stavreva

Siemens Digital Logistics and Portcast, a global leader in real-time ocean visibility, partner to enable resilient and transparent supply chains for shippers and freight forwarders. This new partnership aims to help shippers transform their supply chains from spreadsheets to fully automated and predictive thereby creating a step improvement for their customer’s delivery experience.

A screenshot of the Portcast logistics system showing a transportation route
Ocean Freight Tracking

Frequent disruptions combined with the lack of reliability in schedules provided by ocean carriers have made planning for shippers extremely difficult, causing last-minute firefighting which ends up in poor customer experience and unplanned operational costs.

Without delay: Portcast and Siemens making shipping predictable

The partnership integrates predictive visibility for global ocean shipments from Portcast within the collaboration platform AX4 from Siemens. The solution will empower global shippers and forwarders to accurately predict cargo arrival times and set the entire supply chain in motion, cutting down on port fees and eliminating needless delays.

“Constant external market disruptions and the complexity of networks produce blind spots, causing supply chain managers to struggle with ocean logistics. This often requires manual effort to make sure manufacturing timelines and delivery schedules are met” said Alessandro Guttenberg, Product Manager at Siemens Digital Logistics. ​“The Siemens vision is to make logistics leaner, faster and more efficient. We want to empower our customers with real-time information and predictive notifications.“

Portcast founder and CEO, Nidhi Gupta said, ​“Portcast has been focused on building a single source of predictive ocean visibility by integrating data from 98 percent of shipping carriers, 2000+ ports and terminals, satellite tracking, vessel routes and external disruptions like extreme weather and congestion at ports. Together with Siemens, we can enable the world’s largest shippers and manufacturers to get trustworthy data and visibility on where their cargo is, when it will arrive and what’s the reason for delay, especially in times of disruption.”

A world map showing supply chain ports for oceanic transport
Port Congestion Dashboard. Free demo available at

This partnership further enhances the capabilities of the AX4 collaboration suite, bringing over 500,000 users access to best-in-class data and insights to promote supply chain resilience and sustainability. ​

Insights you can rely on

Portcast ingests, normalizes and validates data from multiple sources to create trustworthy and predictive data for ocean visibility. Integrated Portcast data enriches AX4 with access to the largest and fastest-growing network of global carriers and NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers). Customers can configure exception reporting and alerts that enable them to quickly identify which of their containers need attention or action.

In addition, Portcast provides insightful analytics around delays, top trade lanes used, transshipment visibility and more for all tracked containers, which enables better decision-making around future shipments and strategic sourcing. With Portcast, Siemens customers can increase operational productivity, eliminate detention and demurrage fees, better manage downstream inventory, and provide a better customer delivery experience.

To learn how you can benefit from the Portcast and Siemens partnership, meet us at Transport Logistic 2023 or get in touch via telephone or mail.

About the author

Magdalina Stavreva is a Product Portfolio Manager at Siemens Digital Logistics. She has extensive experience developing and managing digital product portfolios and is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation and improve supply chain efficiency.

Portcast and the Dynamo Program

Portcast works to make supply chains more efficient and sustainable through complete and accurate container tracking information and predictive ETAs. By leveraging innovative technology and proprietary artificial intelligence, Portcast helps shippers overcome disruptions such as congestion, adverse weather and policy changes.

Portcast is a Partner in the Siemens Dynamo Open Innovation Program. Dynamo identifies, nurtures and integrates disruptive technologies and business models from diverse origin to ensure Siemens’ leading position in Industry 4.0.

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