A road extends forward and upward into the sky, toward a cloud shaped like a dollar sign. Hyperscalers provide the infrastructure and support to deliver high-powered solutions through the cloud with ease.

Cloud marketplaces and the future of B2B sales

Digital transformation has crept into every facet of our lives, simplifying how we live and work. It’s paved the way…

Component-based architecture represented by an image of the Mendix logo on building blocks.

Component-based architecture in a nutshell

Here’s another slightly technical-focused story for you. This one is all about component-based architecture – what it is, how it…

Photo of multi-colored toy building blocks, representing the building-block approach offered in a flexible low-code approach to Sustainability and ESG.

Low-code building block approach to sustainability and ESG

Today in Sustainability and ESG, we are navigating an ever-changing and uncertain landscape. For organizations trying to meet new regulations…

Partner Academy illustration with hand-in-hand representation of partner relationship.

You’ve been accepted into Partner Academy

Congratulations, and welcome to Siemens Partner Academy! You are now part of a world-class program that provides limitless opportunities for…

High tech mold and tooling machinery in action

Mold design software isn’t a carton of milk

Across the world, tooling companies are making a tough choice: to continue designing molds the way they are now or…

Chalkboard with the word Brand written on it

4 tips for capitalizing on your brand

As a partner owner, how do you build your company’s brand? While many B2B companies agree that brand marketing is…

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram logos appear over an image of Earth. Navigating the B2B buyer's journey relies on leveraging these platforms.

Navigating the digital B2B buyer’s journey

The B2B buyer’s journey is undergoing seismic shifts. The good news is you can avoid falling through the cracks by…

rocket launched flying into space

Partners team up for out-of-this-world results  

Better together: a partnership built on trust and dedication to customer success deliver more comprehensive digital solutions

man and woman shaking hands over a conference table

SaaS success hinges on LAER adoption

Before you begin reading, let’s play a little game. Repeat after me: “If SaaS then LAER, if SaaS then LAER,…