Boost your business by engaging S&T partners

By Larry Moore

If you’re a partner selling and supporting Siemens Xcelerator products, you need to look closely at what our Software and Technology (S&T) partners are doing. There is potential to work together to close more deals and deliver business outcomes that are unachievable alone.

S&T partners develop complementary software, hardware, and technology that enhance the capabilities of the Siemens Xcelerator products you already offer. These partners are leaders in their respective domains. They design solutions that integrate seamlessly into your customers’ existing IT ecosystem, often addressing niche and underserved use cases where mainstream offerings fall short.

More than 900 S&T partners ready to complement your offerings

While, by no means an exhaustive list of what our more than 900 S&T partners bring to the table, some examples of where their expertise can be leveraged include:

S&T partners are expert-level users of our solutions and can offer your customers advanced functionalities, and some of them can also perform services for your customers.

S&T partners can close the gap between sales and success

One gold gear sits in the middle of a system, driving a series of five, otherwise disconnected gears. An S&T partner may be the golden gear missing from many partners' offerings.
An S&T partner could be the missing cog in your sales machine.

Working with a Siemens S&T partner can help you provide customers a complete solution to the challenges they face while ensuring:

  • Interoperability with the exchange of technologies
  • Complete data integration with no translation issues
  • Access to expert help throughout the digital transformation.

Before letting a deal slip away because you do not have precisely what a customer is looking for, be sure to research our S&T partners’ offerings. It might make the difference between winning a deal and losing business to the competition. It’s a win-win-win —  for your business, the S&T partner and, most importantly, the customer.

A complete listing of our partners is available on the Partner Finder. S&T partners are not restricted by geography, so no matter what problem your customers face or where they’re located, you’ll have the support system to deliver the desired outcomes. 

Become an S&T Partner

If you’re a partner who has already developed complementary tools that you would make more widely available, or are interested in becoming S&T partner, send us an inquiry to learn where you fit best.

About the S&T partner Team

The Siemens Software and Technology partner team provides S&T partners with resources to develop and sell products that complement the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of products. Contact our team at with questions or recommendations about our S&T partners.

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