Why partner with a partner?

By Jeff Zobrist

The power of partnership

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb

We, at Siemens Digital Industries Software, believe this proverb to be true not only for why we partner with partners but why customers want to partner with a partner. To achieve scale and success, business leaders need help and more specialized skills to support their key business challenges and differentiated capabilities that enable them to compete more effectively.

With the drive toward digital transformation and the need for more specialized skills, imperfections become opportunities that necessitate leveraging partners to fill the people, resource and technology gaps for any one or more of the following areas: changing business models, unique IP, skills or solution offering, trusted advisor relationship, training and support, procurement preferences, on-going services, support and specialized knowledge.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Why partner with Siemens Digital Industries partners

We are committed to delivering exceptional lifetime customer experiences through our partners. Our global partner ecosystem of technology and application developers, solution providers and alliances are your go-to advisors to help meet any digital transformation need.

Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner Ecosystem
  • Expertise. Specialized and validated expertise builds trust and lifetime customer value
  • Portfolio. Access to broad and deep solution knowledge spanning the entire product lifecycle
  • Technology. Pioneers in new solutions that help create new opportunities for customers
  • Teamwork. Dedicated support to guarantee successful business outcomes
  • Commitment. Innovation and R&D help ensure customer competitiveness
  • Flexibility. Partners are prepared to meet future business model needs
  • Reputation. Recognized by CRN for over a decade for prioritizing and investing in partners
  • Competence. Continual training keeps partners at the cutting edge with the latest technology

What type of partner do you need?

We work closely with selected partners worldwide, each a proven expert in their field with unique product and industry expertise. Together, we work to drive technology that optimally meets the changing needs of our customers.

The works – products, services and solutions

Solution Providers provide products, services and solutions with insight and competence to accelerate digital transformation. Specialized partners recognize partners for their validated competencies in a specific product.

New software for interoperability and technology extensions

Software and Technology partners offer complementary software, hardware and technology solutions to enhance productivity and business value through technology extensions, infrastructure compatibility and application interoperability.

Application development and a marketplace to promote them

Cloud partners help transform IoT data into meaningful and actionable information. They make the connections with Siemens’ domain expertise across industries to deliver innovation and efficiency to the growing IoT market with new solutions and digital services.

Enterprise-level expertise and domain knowledge to drive digital transformation

Alliance partners leverage best-in-class domain knowledge and expertise to drive digital enterprise transformation initiatives and develop industry solutions that enable effective, profitable business outcomes that ensure customer success.

Jeff Zobrist, Vice President of Global Solution Partner Sales at Siemens Digital Industries Software has over 25 years of experience in the IT and software industry helping partners build businesses that prosper and deliver exceptional customer experiences. He is passionate about and responsible for optimizing go-to-market strategies, developing and leading industry-recognized solution partner programs, and building thriving global partner ecosystems organizations.


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