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By Lisa Langley

Smart Expert Solution Partner, CADEX Technologies in Taiwan, knows very well what its customers need when it comes to improving product design. Time and time again, the teams at CADEX rely on Solid Edge – so much so that they specialize their Siemens business around it. They attest to the design capabilities that deliver across industries and maintain key success factors with each deployment.

The following examples show how CADEX optimized the inherent advanced functionality of Solid Edge for improved productivity, efficiency and quality of complex designs, 3D parts modeling, and the ability to easily modify plans for customization and improvement for two customers in very different industries.

Putting the brakes on 2D modeling

Toong-woei is a leading press brake manufacture that used Solid Edge to simulate innovations with 3D to accelerate design, reduce production errors and customize products for high-end markets. They needed to completely transform their entire process from ideation and design simulation to production and assembly.

According to Chen Yongming, Vice President at Toong-woei “One of the most common problems we faced was incorrect part sizes that required repeated modifications. We had to innovate and develop new products with increasingly complex structures and designs to survive. Time-consuming, costly, and inefficient operations such as these had to be eliminated.”

Yongming valued Siemens brand and the proven expertise of one of its local partners, CADEX. As a result, he selected Solid Edge to give them a competitive advantage. He built a team of Solid Edge experts to lead the design team who used 3D animation exclusively when demonstrating new functions and new designs to customers.

“High-end customers demand high-end designs, so now whenever we have a new idea we use Solid Edge for design simulation and provide customers with animated demos – and they love it!”

Chen Yongming, Vice President at Toong-woei

Putting the ‘fast’ into fast food delivery

Hong Chiang specializes in automated restaurant equipment development and manufacturing for the food and beverage industry. They develop customized subsystems for automated food delivery using electromagnetic suspension tracks incorporating Bluetooth and infrared technologies and wireless recharging – the bullet train for food delivery systems.

Industry 4.0 requires automated production to stay competitive,” says Donny Lo, general manager, Hong Chiang. “Our previous design software could not meet the requirements for developing more complex designs customers demanded, so we adopted Solid Edge,” Lo said. One reason Hong Chiang selected Solid Edge over competitive computer-aided design (CAD) software was for its synchronous modeling capability. “Compared with other advanced CAD software, Solid Edge allows our designers to stretch structures in the assembly, so it is very convenient and enables us to handle design changes quickly,” Lo adds.

Consistent Results

As an expert in Solid Edge, CADEX has the product knowledge to present innovative ideas for common desired business outcomes. Both customers achieved faster design cycle turnaround times, less assembly time and fewer errors from using 3D models. Customers love to view compelling 3D animations of new designs and getting to market faster by leveraging 3D parts libraries. See what other CADEX customers are doing with Solid Edge in Taiwan and around the world.

Lisa Langley is the Director of Global Partner Communications and Programs, Solution Partner Sales Siemens Digital Industries Software.

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