How structural dynamics in civil engineering helps preserve ancient sites

ESSEBI helps its customers with structural dynamics in civil engineering to preserve ancient sites.

Simcenter SCADAS Maintenance – Why you should do it

Gathering reliable data fast and easy is a strong competitive advantage in the simulation-test world and an absolute trademark for us as a company. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of time and energ…

NVH Powertrain testing

From powerful testing to augmented powertrain NVH analysis

To achieve augemented NVH powertrain analysis and refine the powertrain performance, Simcenter has developed a comprehensive powertrain testing solution.

Interior and exterior pass-by noise (PBN) testing covered

Disciver the set of pass-by noise (PBN) engineering solutions with all necessary tools for exterior and interior pass-by noise testing and analysis. Read the PBN brochure.

ASEP tests made easy with Simcenter Testing Solutions

With ASEP, the PBN test procedure has been reinforced to reflect real urban environment more accurately. Siemens gathered input from customers to run tests.

Simcenter SCADAS Satellite lifts up durability testing

Simcenter SCADAS Satellite is a data acquisition system designed for complex durability testing campaigns requesting high-channel-count.

How to reduce aircraft carrier deck noise? Get inspired by the U.S. Navy

To reduce aircraft carrier deck noise, understanding the root cause is essential. Learn more how to analyze noise sources and acoustic energy flows.

MIMO vibration tests in the spotlight

The University of Ferrara, DongLing and Siemens Digital Industries joined forces to start a new activity in the attempt to shed more light on MIMO.

Introducing Simcenter SCADAS XS Net

Simcenter SCADAS XS Net extends the capability of a single 12x channel front-end to a whole new level.