Introducing Simcenter SCADAS XS Net

Simcenter SCADAS XS Net extends the capability of a single 12x channel front-end to a whole new level.


3M India – Material testing with Simcenter Testing Solutions

How to make lighter (and hence more fuel efficient) cars without increasing the noise and vibration level? On the other hand, how to improve noise and vibration on a vehicle without affecting other p…

Make testing easier & more productive with LMS Test.Lab

Be it a vehicle or a washing machine, products must undergo thorough tests prior to their release on the market. Businesses are fully reliant on exceptionally good testing tools to ensure that their …

Intespace & LMS solutions – Taking an excellent partnership a step further

Launched from the European Space Port in French Guinea on 19 December 2013, Gaia is taking precise positional measurements of approximately one billion stars and radial velocity measurements of the b…


Road Load Data Acquisition with Gert Frans

Gert Frans works in the durability testing team for Siemens PLM Software. He knows a thing or two about durability engineering, so we thought we might share some of his knowledge with you. Here he …

Kverneland Group Kerteminde AS (Kverneland Group)

Kverneland engineers designing durable agriculture equipment

Growing up in Wisconsin, a state in the USA known pretty much for cheese and farming (and the Green Bay Packers, but then we would be completely off topic), well, I thought I knew all the brands of t…

wind turbine

Let there be wind – Regulations in the energy sector

Wind turbines can provide green alternative energy, but they must be tested before generating wind power. Read how Aeroacoustics, together with Simcenter do this.

Making smart data acquisition

Working for Siemens STS, I used to travel around with a lot of heavy equipment. This was rather painful, since the hardware was often blocked by customs or I had to spend a lot of time myself clearin…

Understanding helicopter cabin noise

Understanding helicopter cabin noise with a simple acoustic image

To decrease the helicopter cabin noise levels with more controlled approach, sound source localization technique offers a comprehensive solution.