Let there be wind – Regulations in the energy sector

By Frank Demesmaeker

Regulations, regulations, regulations…it’s all about regulations. Wind turbines may well be embraced as green alternative energy, but they cannot just grow like mushrooms in the field without respecting the standards for acceptable sound levels. One thing is clear: they must be tested and accredited before doing what they do best, meaning generate the energy we so much need with the power of the wind.

The IEC 61400-11 international standard is a rather complex and therefore slightly challenging one for the wind industry professionals. With huge amounts of data to be collected and analyzed for its new edition 3, onsite measurements that are counting on real-time data, information exchange involving various departments and the constant pressure of cost and time on top, engineers were on the lookout for solutions such as Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter SCADAS Mobile to make their lives simpler.  

Aercoustics teamed up with Siemens Digital Industries to find the right testing solutions for this type of challenge and help customers reach their targets easily and efficiently.

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