Design space exploration for aircraft landing gear

Design space exploration for aircraft systems with Simcenter

Find out the new Siemens methodology for design space exploration applied to aircraft landing gear …

The Simrod electric vehicle drive on a durability test track

5 reasons why superior vehicle durability matters

Vehicle durability is still as important today as it was yesterday. Understand why it still matters in 2020 and learn about the latest technologies that help you meet strength and durability targets….

diesel outboard motor from cox marine

Designing the world’s most powerful diesel outboard motor

Simulation reduced product development time by 50 to 80 percent…


SimRod experience: structural dynamics engineering

Learn how Simcenter tools allow engineers to evaluate and balance different performance attributes within one platform for Structural Dynamics Engineering….

New release of Simcenter 3D version 2020.2

What’s New in Simcenter 3D 2020.2

New Simcenter 3D Materials Engineering, an efficient vibration fatigue solver, improvements to the ray acoustics solver and many other enhancements to help you meet to meet complex engineer challenges…

join the simcenter early access program today

Why You Should Join The Simcenter 3D Early Access Program

The Simcenter 3D Early Access Program offers users a chance to help influence what the next release has in store….

Assessing composite variability’s impact on performance with virtual testing

Statistics impact our world One of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes is: “God does not…

Acoustic response of an ultrasonic parking sensor

Ray Acoustics Modeling: Exploring Performance in the Full Frequency Range

Ray Acoustics Modeling treats high frequency sound behavior as if it were a ray of light, which makes simulating acoustic performance in large environments feasible….

Avoid Bearing failure with Virtual Prototyping. Angular Contact Ball Bearing (ACBB, left), Tapered Roll Bearing (TRB, right), as modeled in Simcenter 3D

Bearing Transmission Failures: How to Avoid Them With Virtual Prototyping

Bearings allow complex machinery to rotate by making the rotation possible while reducing friction, and are therefore vital to system efficiency and reliability. Improving bearing design through virtual prototyping is a cost-effective and thorough design approach, which reduces transmission downtime and failures….